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Ender's Game - Wrong Commander
On Page 177 of the Author's Definitive edition (Ender's army's first battle), Ender realizes that "Everyone had learned the wrong lesson from BONZO's misuse of Ender Wiggin" by streaming through the door too quickly, while he would wait and size up the opponent. The only problem is that Bonzo wasn't the one who made Ender jump through the gate before everyone else. Rose de Nose was the one who did that. The mess up is found in the first and second editions of the book as far as I know.
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Special Requirements: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
Contributed By: jackhammer on 10-24-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Petra writes:
Alright, I've read this book seven times and I know it by heart, front to back, like the back of my hand, etc. I doubted you when I read that, and spent about a half hour checking it out. But you know what I discovered? You're right. I had never noticed that. I can see how it would be confusing, though, because Bonzo was known from his improper use of Ender as a soldier. But it was, in fact, Rose de Nose who shoved him out the battleroom gate all alone. It's on page 105. Wow, I must say, I am unbelievably impressed; and jealous that I didn't notice first! You have inspired me to re-read the book yet again. Good eye jack, good eye.
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Jaime writes:
I agree with the original idea. This IS a slipup. Although Bonzo DID misuse Ender, the book is specifically pointing to the circumstance in which Ender goes through the door first, which is Rose's fault.
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Juash writes:
Bonzo was the misuser. Wasn't it he that beat Ender up? (Or tried to and got killed in the proccess.)
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tieton911 writes:
Carlos is correct -- all cammanders that ever had wiggin missused him. The misuse wasnt a specific event but a general term to show all of the entire mistake instead of a specific spoof.
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Carlos X writes:
Bonzo did misuse Ender. Remember that whole "don't move, Don't shoot, don't do anything but stay out of the way" tactics? I believe that is what Card was referring to
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