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Hollow Man - Electricity + Water = ?
When I saw this, I thought it was just unbelievable. Towards the end, after Sebastian had succumbed to the heightened aggression and paranoia associated with the invisibility, and had killed everyone except Linda (Elisabeth Shue) and Matt (Josh Brolin), the three of them are fighting in the corridors. The sprinklers are merrily spraying water about the place after Linda had been waving around her makeshift flame-thrower. Several times there are shots of the three splashing about in what must be at least a couple of inches of water. Sebastian swings his new toy of death and destruction, the crow bar, at the couple, and mistakenly connects with the power panel that's conveniently hanging out of the wall. He receives a nice little <cough> tickle because of this. But we also see Linda & Matt staring at the hapless Sebastian... while they are standing in the very same flood of water that he is in. We then see them take off down the corridor. Excuse me? Water conducts electricity! If Sebastian was nearly electrocuted to death, so then should have Linda and Matt!
Who the hell let this one into the movie?!
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Special Requirements: the movie, some common sense, and a brain
Contributed By: Eurisko on 11-12-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Nigel Sutherland writes:
Water conducts electricity, but it also dissipates it very rapidly. Standing in a pool of water that is connected to a domestic (or even industrial) power supply isn't that much of a problem, and the more water there is the less of a jolt you'll get. The two onlookers would be okay as along as they didn't make direct contact with Caine or the crowbar. Given the size of the pool (i.e. the size of the whole laboratory) the amount of water (must be thousands of gallons; they're ankle deep) and the fact that the floor appears to be non-conducting concrete they would hardly feel a thing. Still - how on earth did Caine survive the electrocution? It should have killed him instantly. What sort of idiot runs exposed high-voltage cables through a glass case? Why are there no fuses and/or circuit breakers to prevent accidental electrocution? And so on and so on ... what a dreadful film.
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darth destroyer writes:
Distilled water does not conduct electricity.
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Scolman writes:
A better question would be how the hell Caine managed to survive being roasted in the elevator long enough to then electrocute himself and, for the Grand Finale, managed to jump like an Olympic high jumper onto that women on the ladder in the elevator shaft even with 2nd to 3rd degree burns on his body and recovering from being electrocuted. His clothes where reduced to ashes when she put the makeshift flamethrower on him! Who the hell made this load of garbage!
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Dave writes:
Electrocution means death by electric shock, so you guys mean he was given an electric shock, he was never electrocuted. The burnt clothes should have remained visible after they'd melted and stuck to his skin, not vanished or turned to ash as some one else pointed out.
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iloveurmom writes:
oh and of course you can't forget that not only was he electrocuted and burned but also blown up in his own giant explosion thhhhhhen he went and did his amazing jump
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hoosyodaddy writes:
I agree with Scolman, how could any person live through being torched for at least 3 minutes, for sometimes, (Like in the elevator) for at least 15 seconds straight, let alone get up and be able to walk around still trying to kill the two left. Later he gets electrocuted, how does this guy still get up? just because hes invisible, doesn't mean he's super-human, whatever way you look at it, its still pretty exciting and i thought it was a good movie
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Insane Star writes:
Maybe the invisibility stuff gave him other powers as well? I dunno, I thought the film was pretty cr*p too.
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samjh writes:
Yeah, and he got hit over the HEAD with a crowbar!!!
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Ruddel writes:
Another point: The latex face mask would have melted and burned itself into the flesh of his face - not just gone to ashes.
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Immortality writes:
There's another thing I'd like to point out. Hold your hand approx. two inches above a burning candle. What do you feel? Exactly! How come the three (Sebas, Linda(?) and Matt) can survive in an elevator shaft when the flames underneath them are almost touching them. They should have been turned into charcoaled hamburgers. I see this kind of slip-up in other movies as well.
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defroth writes:
I never seen such a load of BS! Sure the effects are great. But who the heck can be burned, hit in the head with a crowbar, electrocuted and survive! Maybe Sebastian IS God.
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Jennifer writes:
Every one of these comments are totally correct. Now I'm no science teacher myself, but that goo stuff that they put on him would NOT flake and turn to ash when set on fire, but would have melted and singed to his skin. Looks everyone in here knows more about science and physics than any one of the film crew!!!
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KerBear writes:
I know why they didn't get electrocuted when Sebastian did...because they were wearing shoes. Rubber helps prevent electrocution. That's why the safest place to be in a storm is a car because of the rubber tire...see what I'm saying?
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