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Matrix, The - Forget the Columns, What About the Lift?
There appears to be quite a bit of controversy regarding the explosion between the pillars. However, what I find amazing is really the elevator.
Why? Because by shooting the two cables attached to the counterweight, the lift plummets like a stone (or a large, metal box if you like), to land in the "basement", as most people argue.
Now, correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure you lot will), but elevators are designed to PREVENT this from happening, with breaks on each corner of the lift. Now, in the film, they spark nicely, but they should have stopped the lift dead.
Oh, and one last thing. I want that hand cannon that Neo uses! (or at least, to know who supplies his ammo) One shot, and that cable breaks like glass. (Note: This is not a slip-up, just an observation)
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Special Requirements: Common sense, and a knowledge of lift design
Contributed By: KeeBaud on 10-19-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Blinded Reality writes:
I kinda agree with the whole Neo making the elevator fall theory. If you remember, right before he shot the cables he muttered "There is no spoon." most likely finally realizing that it wasn't real and that he can alter things as he saw fit. He bent the spoon, he made the elevator go a safe distance before the bomb exploded.
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asylrecht writes:
TRiNiTY get a clue. the elevator still has to follow the 'real' world dynamics. the only things that change are whatever the charactors want to change at any given point. i don't think they gave a damn about the elevator changing. good point about the brakes though KeeBaud. they must have been faulty brakes.
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snoopy writes:
Yo TRiNiTY, just because the elevator not falling screws up the story line, doesn't mean that it isn't a slip-up- the fact that they missed it out makes it a slip-up.
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TRiNiTY writes:
None of this is a slip up. It's obvious that the directors were well aware of any brake systems on the elevator, but that would kinda stuff up the plot line a tad, so of course they're going to completely disregard this factor! The entire concept of this movie is to disregard everything we perceive to be real, and experience the truth.
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Andrew writes:
what's so special about his gun? all he has is a beretta 92, 96, or elite.
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Bezelbub writes:
Okay, asylrecht, I tend to disagree with your comment that they didn't give a damn whether the elevator fell or not. There is a fu**** bomb in the elevator. My guess is that they didn't want the bomb going off anywhere near them, which would cause obvious effects like, oh I don't know, DEATH! If you're implying that Trinity and Neo both wanted to die, then why did they try so hard to get Morpheus out in the first place? If they wanted to die, then they would've stopped trying a long time ago like, when they walked in the stupid building!!! Neo is going to be the One, the Oracle said he has the gift, as in, he can change the Matrix! He wanted the elevator to fall, so it did. Sheesh.
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