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Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope - Obi Wan Doesn't Know C3-PO?
Though we have not seen Episode 2, and C3-PO was not complete in Phantam Menace, doesn't it seem logical that Obi Won would have recognized C3-PO or C3-PO recognize Obi Won when they met up in the dessert with Luke?
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Contributed By: flashash on 10-20-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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tom_m525 writes:
AND... What would Darth Vader want to say to c-3po even if he did recognise him, which we're not certain that he didn't? "Hi, C-3PO, Remember me? Long time no C.....3PO!!"
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Gungan Din writes:
But when would Darth Vader even see C-3P0? SW: - When the Blockade Runner was boarded, C-3P0 and R2-D2 escaped without being detected by the Dark Lord. - On the Death Star, they stayed in a closet and then to the maintenance centre, and then on the Falcon. Darth Vader could have seen him if he wasn't busy fighting... ESB: - Threepio escaped on the Falcon before Vader could reach it. - In Cloud City, Threepio was blasted and almost melted down before Chewie found him and put him in a box, just before the rest were ambushed by Vader and Boba Fett. An unknown Imperial gave the box of his parts to Chewie in his cell, who had him half-assembled on his back during the carbon-freezing scene. Vader may have seen him, but it wasn't exactly the time for reminiscing. ROTJ: -Threepio was on Endor, but Vader never left the Imperial base. Ya see?
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Scolman writes:
It's a different story for R2-D2. Obi-Wan did meet R2-D2 a couple of times and in "Star Wars" he says "funny I don't remember owning a droid" He didn't own R2, but he would have recognised R2.
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magneticskull writes:
I felt betrayed by the C3P0/Anakin thing until I checked this... In EPV (empire) c3p0 gets blasted... before the carbonite chamber, he gets strapped to Chewie's back. As they are about to lower Han into the chamber Chewie goes nuts and starts tossing stormtroopers around. Boba Fett (standing next to Vader) raises his blaster to shoot chewie in the back... VADER PUSHES THE BLASTER DOWN. .... What is strapped to Chewbacca's back that Vader could possible come up with as a reason to save Chewie? C3P0...
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Cowandchick writes:
You do realize, by watching all the other episodes (ESB, ROTJ.), that there are about a million droids that look just C-3PO.
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asylrecht writes:
Ok, here it is for all of you. 3PO and R2 have had their memory erased several times, you can get that just by listening to Uncle Owen say he wants their memory wiped, that's the end of it, they belong to us now... with each new owner they (probably) get their memory wiped. 3PO doesn't remember who created him. When he gets his oil bath on Tatooine he says "Thank the maker, this oil bath will feel so good." Also I would like to refer back to Gungan Din's message earlier about when would Vader have seen 3PO, off the top of my head I can't think of any time other than in ESB when 3PO is hanging off Chewie's back. And with all the droids in the Star Wars universe I don't think R2 or 3PO are all that unique (you see that in ESB when there is another protocol droid just like 3PO and several astromech droids just like R2). As for the whole Yoda fighting imperials, I don't understand how that started in here but in Episode 2 Attack of the Clones, you will get to see Yoda fight...
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tom_m525 writes:
Firstly, they weren't Obi Wan's droids, so when he said "Funny, I don't remember ever owning a droid", he was right. Secondly, How was he supposed 2 know that these two droids were the same ones as from 30 years ago Thirdly, Remember that Episode 4 is set 30 years after Ep 1, when Obi Wan is an OAP, so his memory may be failing anyway!!
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Fravit Monk writes:
Even if Vader had seen 3PO, it would still make sense for him not to recognize 3P0 because the novels and the script fer episode 2 indicates that Anakin doesnt give 3PO his coverings. The coverings could have been any color, and anyone can probably remember the other 3po type droid in episode 1 but was silver. Vader would have no way of knowing at all since many droids look identical (cept for the color of their colorings). Like Vader would care...
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mcwood83 writes:
This is to Terayon: When Obi-wan said that Anakin was killed, it was only an expression. Obi-wan addresses this in Return of the Jedi. He says,"Your father was seduced by the dark side,... when that happened the good man who was your father was destroyed".
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Tom C. writes:
Why all the talk about Vader not knowing C3PO? The slipup is about Obi Wan not Vader.
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Johann Wolfgang Goethe writes:
Perhaps Obi Wan did not meet C3PO, I don't know. But one thing is certain: the person that built C3PO was Anakin Skywalker. In later Episodes better known as DARTH VADER. And HE certainly sees (and not recognizes) C3PO.
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Jaina writes:
First, it seams that many Jedi go off and become hermits. Obi-Wan on Tatooine and Luke in some secluded place on Corascant (sp?). Second, Yoda couldn't get off Dagoba if he wanted. As far as I know he didn't have a ship lying around in the swamp. Plus, Yoda seams really conservative . Maybe he didn't want to go killing a bunch of Imperials. Maybe he thought that was of the Dark Side.
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andur sunrider writes:
C3PO has had his memory erased a couple of times. Also, if you ever read the comics, Vader clearly meets 3p0 and reminisces about building him.
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brendan909 writes:
I think Kan-obi says "I don't SEEM to remember owning a droid."
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Gungan Din writes:
OBI-WAN DID NOT MEET C-3P0!!!! He never left the bloody ship! Get it through your skull!
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I have no name writes:
George Lucas just completely ignored all of the Star Wars lore and all of the events of the original trilogy while making Episode 1. I find it very ridiculous, but that's just the way it is.
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Rob-Bob writes:
In Episode II, Anakin states that Jedi are not allowed to have possessions, therefore Obi Wan could never have owned any droid. Think about the way he states it. He puts emphasis on the word owned. A true Jedi would probably take offense to having a droid called their own.
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somedude writes:
I don't know if you have noticed but there is more than one protocal droid that resembles C-3PO. perhaps Obi-wan didn't recognize him at first because of that. but after hearing luke say his name he did recognize him but they never show you. and 3PO doesn't remember obi-wan because his memory was wiped.(ep 3)
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Dreamer61 writes:
First of all, Yoda and Obi-Wan were hiding because they were the last of the Jedi after Vader and the Emperor destroyed the rest. Ben is on Tatooine specifically to keep an eye on Luke. If you read any of the novels or scripts, Ben explains that "Uncle Owen" was actually Ben's brother and took Luke in to protect him. Secondly, while Vader never actually ran into 3LO in later years, why didn't 3PO recognized Tatooine when he went back. Had his memory been erased? Perhaps Episode 2 will address that.
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scrubs writes:
Alright...not to pull too out of context here, but at the end of Episosde III, Threepio has his memory wiped. R2 doens't, but that doesn't mean that he'll recognize Obi Wan...he's now an old man. As to Obi Wan recognizing Threepio and Artoo, he only met Threepio briefly on Tatoonine, and what's he going to say about Artoo? "This droid used to help me and your dad, before he turned into Vader and killed your mother..." Let's also not forget that unless my memory is fading, Obi Wan doesn't know the name of either droid until after he sees the message. By that point the connection between himself and the droids is a moot point to saving Princess Leia and stopping Vader.
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Mark Roberts writes:
Well it seems to me that you guys are disillusioned the fact remains why doesn't Yoda Fight any Imperals?? HMM answer me that please?
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Kritz07 writes:
Alright guys, if you seen Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, you wud know why C3-PO doesnt recongize Obi Wan and Darth Vader... Its Really cuz near the end of Star Wars 3, the guys had R2-D2 and C3-PO's memory chips destroyed so that they would never recongize anyone from the republic and prevent the past getting out too soon. And Obi Wan and Vader cant really go "Hey guys sup!" becuz they wud look at them like idiots! It was relaly conincidence that r2-d2 and c3-po met up with luke in episode 4! Cool huh?
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seph78 writes:
From this first movie, as far as we know, obi wan never met C3PO because he stayed at home with Anikin's mother. Perhaps the next movies will show that they never meet at all.
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Terayon writes:
Perhaps Vader didn't recognize C3PO because he had no memory of him. As you are probably aware by now, Episode 2 is entitled Attack of the Clones. In ANH, Kenobi said that Vader killed Luke's father. Anakin could be cloned and the clone, using the Force, took some, but not all of Anakin's memories. The clone then killed Anakin and assumed his identity. Far-fetched, perhaps, but something to think about.
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