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Army of Darkness - Magic Shotgun
As soon as he is captured Ash has his shotgun taken from him, you don't see this happening but he clearly doesn't have it. After he was thrown in the pit, he was handed back his chainsaw, but not his shotgun. In fact he never gets his shotgun back until it magically appears in his hand when he shoots Sir Arthur's sword in two. "This is my BOOM stick!" Lee Harvey Oswald has nothing on this guy...BTW how can he fire three bullets from a dual barrel shotgun, without reloading? Just a thought.
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Contributed By: Riot Nrrd on 10-25-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Xanlan writes:
Actually, it appears a bit sooner. You'll notice it sitting in the sheath over his shoulder just prior to that. Right after he gets up, its gone, but just after that, it magically appears in the holster...
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Xeno writes:
You can CLEARLY see that he grabs his gun from the punny guy that he pushes around after he hits arthor!
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He Who Causes Riots writes:
Alright you heathens who question Sam Raimi...Ash does reload his gun, after every shot. The main bases for the argument that he doesn't is that you never see it, especially during the wicked witch and the cauldron scene. "It's a trick. Get an ax." However, if you listen, you do him reload. Granted, it's the sound of a pump shotgun, but he's reloading.
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Taelron writes:
Its a great movie and I love it, and as it IS a movie I have no beefs... But since you want to get technical, near the end of the movie when he is shooting the deadite witch in S-Mart and jumps on the cart, he fires something like 17 times and never reloads. Even the Military Mossberg 800 shotguns only have a 8 round mag plus one in the chamber, this shotgun is a Dual barrel Remmington with NO mag... Sure, he is pumping, but his hands never leave the pump or trigger, never once does he reload... Still a funny scene though... "Shop smart!... Shop 'S'-Mart!"
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Gurm writes:
Just a thought... The S-Mart scene was an afterthought for the movie. The original ending (and the one restored to the director's cut) was Ash oversleeping when he took the potion and waking up to a post-apocalyptic earth. While I do think the S-Mart scene was funny, I always realized that it was a little "gotta end this movie somehow, dammit". - Gurm
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DrLecter writes:
Okay, this is to all the people who find 'faults' with Army Of Darkness.. This is actually a B-Grade movie made in the 90s. It's supposed to have faults, as it's meant to be completely unrealistic, and badly made.
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Incubus writes:
Taeron, The gun he is firing in S-mart is not his double barrel shotgun; he grabbed a winchester from a display case (funny how a loaded gun is on display huh huh) its the rifle that reloads with a lever thats part of the trigger guard. You know, 'the fastest gun in the west'
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Undrhil (Not at Home) writes:
What the ...? What do you mean his shot gun magically reappears? One of the old 'magicians' threw it to him so he could kill the monster in the pit. Undrhil
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Hardkore writes:
Actually, if you watch the recently released directors cut of AOD, you can see Ash grabs his shotgun from the cowardly soldier (played by Ted Raimi, who plays two other characters). This should clear some things up.
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KenDaLL WoLf writes:
Undrhil, the wizard-like dude throws Ash his chainsaw, not the shotgun. But yes, he gets it from a cowardly soldier. In the store, he grabs a different gun, as Incubus stated, and DrLecter, the movie was not "meant" to even be made like that at all! In fact it wasn't even meant to be funny! I know because i OWN the original script. When this movie was written, they had no idea they were gonna keep Bruce Campbell as the actor, but when they DID cast him, he was such a clown, and he altered everything so that they decided to keep it that way. The origional was supposed to be more violent and serious. I am glad they changed it, tho, coz it would have sucked. They didn't even have any of the cool phrases, such as "this is my BOOM stick!!" or "I got news for you, pal, you ain't leadin but two things right now, Jack and Sh*t! And Jack left town!" OH, and the un-reloading shotgun is not just found in this movie. Watch any movie that has a shotgun in it, and you will probably find it. So, yes it was made to be unrealistic, but not badly made.
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Umran Afzal writes:
With reference to the reloading of the barrel, this also happens in evil dead 2! When Ash tries to shoot the hand thats runs up the wall, she shoots 1 and then reloads. Shoots another 2 and stops firing. The bookcase, chairs etc all crack up and then when he thinks there is something outside, he shoots another 2 (which he hits the girl). All this is done without reloading.
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du_nomad writes:
To all you folks who claim Ash never reloads, try LISTENING while you're watching. In just about every scene where he "doesn't reload", you can clearly hear the "click-clack-slap" of a reload while the camera is showing what he shot at.
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