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Britney Spear's video - Why Do These Tears Come at Night?
Watch "Lucky" until the end when you see the character Lucky lying on her bed. Her mascara has left a tear trail on her cheek. Technically from the way that she was lying on her bed, the tear would have traveled to the inside corner of her eye and traveled over the bridge of her nose, not straight down her cheek as the trail of mascara suggests. Believe me...I tried it ;-)
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Special Requirements: Britney video Lucky in it's entirety (not like on TRL)
Contributed By: ldybrdway on 10-19-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Bluebrit writes:
I have to agree with the 'too much makeup' comment. It's on her face like lard. I know because I used to model and believe me, they pack it on so thick, you can scrape a nail through it. I'm sure the mascara (although I never actually experienced this), followed the path of the face makeup which may have had a slight groove in it.
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ski writes:
She could have been sleeping looking up towards the ceiling and then turned after the tears had dried. Look at the very, very end of the song. She turns in the bed. So, she's capable of doing that.
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ldybrdway writes:
Try lying face up on your bed. Put a drop of water on your cheek and see which way it goes. It will go towards the side of your face. In Brits case, if she was lying face up, it STILL would have gone down towards her ear. The only way your tears go straight down is if you're standing up. It's called gravity.
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Kimi writes:
Well, first of all who cares? Second of all They put the "tears" when she was sitting up and probably did not realize she would be laying down in that position.
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PMF writes:
Maybe she was sitting up on the bed or standing, then she cried, then lied down.
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@ssKicker writes:
It's all that make-up, it changed the structure of her face.
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innocence writes:
I agree with an earlier comment, that she turned. It really depends on how you look at it...but come on guys give her a break with the make-up, it's not exactly like anyone would wanna have loads on, she was making a video for crying out loud.
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lex writes:
Britney even mentioned this on the making of the video (it was a slip up, but it was even noticed by the performer.)
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Genie27 writes:
Umm.. It's a music video! She probably never even cried.. It's probably just makeup put there by a makeup artist and the make up artist probably didn't care if the "tear" was placed correctly or not. Thats just what I think.
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Katie writes:
I don't think most people who watch the video are going to notice that small detail. I could never tell! This is not a good slip up....well it is but not a very noticeable one.
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piercedsphynx writes:
You do not know if she was even crying while she was lying down because they do not show her doing so. If anything, the trail of mascara would suggest that she cried BEFORE she laid down.
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Shayshay writes:
Well, she wasn't really crying, and if she was, she could have been sitting up, then lied down.
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Blondie writes:
maybe she was sitting up and when it showed the scene she had just lied down-you guys are nit-pickers!
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Carrie writes:
She wasn't really crying, it was make up!
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