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Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace - Anabolics & Undead
1. When Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are in the Federation starship, the federation gets orders to kill them.
When Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon start running for them, they kinda 'teleport' away, in less then one second they have run down the hallway! Looks like they use anabolics or something.
2. When Qui-Gon Jinn gets burned because he's dead, you get 2 shots of him being burned. In the first one, you can see him move his lips! It is not hard to see, so watch for it!
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Contributed By: Apocalypse on 10-24-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Kelwen writes:
Your first point is not a slip-up. Notice how quickly they accelerate from standing? This must have been done with special effects, hence their speen down the corridor must have been intentional - They are Jedi after all!
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xlledx writes:
Jax- Actually the lightsaber's color is relative to one thing- the crystals that reside inside. Although the movies dont touch the subject, a lot of the books do. Basically, according to the books, Jedi have to search for the crystals on some planet, but Sith just create the crystals themselves. Again, none of this has been confirmd by George Lucas, to my knowledge anyway.
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NeuroManson writes:
I would say that the 'Fade Away' method of funerals came along later on, when the Jedis realized that it took forever for them to burn, it was wayyyy too expensive to perform, the fade away was cheaper...;)
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jedknightandrew writes:
1) Yuk-Fai, YOU ARE WRONG!!!!! Qui-Gon Jinn was a Jedi Master. Obi-won was not. If you don't believe me, check out the official star wars site, under characters. Also obi-won says that Qui-Gon could be on the council, if only did what the council said. So There!!! 2)When Qui-Gon is being burned, his lips do not move. It is the heat from the fire. Like on a hot day when you see waves coming off the street.
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Farr writes:
In an interview Lucas said that the reason Qui-Gon did not dissapear is because its an art that Yoda only teaches to a select few (not loosing your identity after death). Yoda tought Obi-Wan and Anakin but diddnt have the chance to teach Qui-Gon.
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Cpt.Kremen writes:
kanada ...speak English boy!!!
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Smitty writes:
ok the reason Qui-Gon doesn't dissappear in Episode I is because he hasn't learn that path yet. After he learns the path of immortality in the afterlife, he comes back to teach it to Yoda and Obi-Wan during the break between Episode III and Episode IV.
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asylrecht writes:
Obi-won WAS a jedi master when he DIED. That is what Yuk-Fai is refering to. I just wish people would read and not make stupid assumptions.
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Doctor X writes:
As far as light saber colors, there have only been three depicted in the actual films. Now, in the expanded universe stuff, we HAVE seen other colors, but the rule on that is that they're "Official until George says otherwise." One of the Making of videos has him saying that there were originally supposed to be only blue for Light Side and red for Dark Side. (And seeing all of the other allusions to the American Revolution in Episodes IV-VI, this works out.) However, when they returned to Tatooine for Jedi, the blue didn't show up well against the desert background, so it was written in that there was a renegade faction of the Light Side that didn't quite follow the Jedi Code and used green lightsabers. (Part of my clone theory above.) All of the other colors that have been mentioned have been in the expanded stories.
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Lolindier writes:
OK After Episode III we now know why Qui Gon didnt dissappear. At that time Jedies didnt reach that state of "evelution", but Qui Gon found a way to use the force to come back to a state of "spiritisim". Yoda found out about this from Qui Gon through meditation, as seen in episode II when Anikin kills the sand people. At the end of Episode III Yoda tells Obi Wan of this and instructs him to study this way to be immortal. So by the time Obi Wan and Yoda die, they already know the way to evolve if you will into this spirit state and dissappear upon death. Vader did not dissappear when he died, remember Yoda and Obi Wan dissappeared immeadiatly after they died. Vader dies in Lukes arms and Luke lays him down on the ramp of the ship, body still there. He burns Vaders body and armor probablly the way the Jedi before him did.
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lando writes:
you obviously don't know very much about Star Wars or jedi powers. If you've played any of the games or read anything about it you would know they have many Force abilities, such as speed, levitaion , etc..... duh
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Vertex writes:
If he had run at top speed, he wouldn't have been able to stop if they satrted closing and would have been cut up pretty bad. Also, it wouldn't have been much of an ending, would it?
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Vertex writes:
He doesn't die immediately, so he doesn't disappear straight away. Also, if you remember, Darth Vaders body didn't disappear, it was burned. I reckon that the people who disappear upon death are also the ones that reappear as 'holographic images' later on in the film. Anakin reappears at the end of ROTJ, but not as Darth Vader, so maybe this theory works.
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Mythman writes:
Vader did disappear, luke just burned the suit, it is in one of the books, and all jedi dissappear, trance or not, Dark Side adepts explode in a burst of dark side energies, as witnessed in ROTJ and the book I,JEDI (when Corran relives The bird Jedi Memories)
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RowdyruffBoy writes:
One of my friends happens to be a super expert on Star Wars, and the real reason Qui Gon doesn't disappear is because he uses the Force differently. There are two forms under which Jedi operate. Under one of these forms, the Jedi9 are absorbed into the Force when they die. In the other, they are not. Qui Gon was one of the 'Not' ones.
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I Am Darth Maul writes:
Don't worry guys! I read something at that says in an interview that the argument about the disappearing Jedi is explained (along with a whole host of other Star Wars jedi stuff) in Episode II. So just be patient.
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cartmancsf writes:
jedi girl: He was dead way before that! You cant talk when your dead!!!!
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DaRkSnIpEr writes:
To bring together in intelegible english what Kanada and Rowdyruffboy The "disappearing" thing is rumored to be a ritual sucicide to become one with the force ie Obiwans speil "If you strike me down i will become more powerful...blahblah" He didn't actually die at the hands of Darth Vader but killed himself. Whereas darth maul got hacked in half (notice the expression on his face when he gets hacked, its as if he knew it was coming.
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Thorondor writes:
Did anyone ever wonder how his beard survived the flames? (this should have been the first thing to burn)
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firedrum writes:
if u r really into star wars then u would know that the only reason that vaders suit was burned is because when they watched the movie they thought that people would wonder what happened to vader...the suit burned was a last minute addition...and as far as the suicide thing goes i have never heard of anything like that....but's food for thought!
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Mars Guo writes:
Here's my thoughts. You never see a Dark Jedi fade... know why? Because they all happen to fall down conveniently placed pits! ^.^ Seriously, what is it about Dark Jedi and falling into Power Cores? There's no proof that Emperor Palpatine and Darth Maul *didn't* fade, but if they did you didn't see it. Darth Vader and Qui-gon did not immediately die, once again. As for Qui-gons funeral pyre, I have no idea whatsoever why the guy didn't fade but a lot of the Ideas you guys put forth sound pretty believable. YES! The next movie will also introduce Boba Fett. I believe I also know Boba Fett's identity though I may be wrong. It would be pretty dang cool if I was right though. But of all the things I await in the future movies the most longed for is Yoda in a lightsaber battle! (maybe he uses the unsuspected quick-draw in the crotch method, lol!) ^_^
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J3X007 writes:
I am Darth Maul is actually correct in his first statement. the "dissapearing act" will be explained in SWII. And Mars Guo is correct as well. if you look closely when Darth Maul's torso and legs fal down the shaft, both dissapear.
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Garthie writes:
Maybe Jedi only disappear when they know they're gonna die! Think about it: 1. When Obi-Wan died, it was a suicide. 2. When Yoda died, he knew it was his time and told Luke. 3. When Vader died, he also knew and commited suicide by taking off his mask. 4. When Qui-Gon died, he was mortally wounded very suddenly in the heat of battle. That's why he didn't disappear. because he didn't expect it!
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Mars Guo writes:
Nah... this is not correct. It's on the right track, but, no. It's true that Yoda only taught the disappearing thing to a select few. Obiwan and Vader didn't commit Suicide. Obiwan let Vader strike him down because it was the only way to ensure Luke's fate (think about this one) that's why he said the words that have been quoted so many times before, "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." Vader didn't commit suicide at all. When Luke cut 'is hand off (for the second time in Vader's life. Athritis my ashh, this has gotta hurt!) that didn't do Vader any bit of good. And when he threw Palpatine into the death star's power core, well, that completely fried the life-support systems that he had been surviving on for all these years. Without those running, his end was nigh anyways. The mask had very little to do with any of it.
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Gungan Din writes:
Old Jedi don't die. They just fade away....
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Insomniac6700 writes:
I always wondered why Qui-Gons beard didn't burn first, and kanada, i couldnt work ot anything you were saying
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Nemesis writes:
light saber colors are determined by who constructs them by using a focusing gym. This is described in the expanded Universe so is not Official as per Lucas, but the color denoting clan or allegiance is not currently being used. The comment of Obi Wan in episode 4 " Will come back more powerful than imagined" originally referred to Splinter of the Minds Eye where Obi Wan Possess Luke and severs vaders arm, George decided not to follow that plot path (where Luke and Leia are not bro and sis) And the idea changed that He would become and ethereal Teacher for Luke and a totally different plot line was created trying to keep continuity in the process. Jedi Fade/explode on death apparently is not the de facto either and will be explained in future movies.
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Pie is good writes:
Alot of you people are making up reasons for Qui-Gon not disappearing and you should really start thinking that you could be wrong. People are saying it's because he's not a Jedi Master (which might I add he is), or that he didn't know he was going to die. Heck for all we know it may be becaue he didn't learn how. The truth is there hasn't been any true conformation of the reason so please everyone stop making up crap when you don't even have proof.
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Dusk writes:
If you really want to know the classification of jedi lightsaber colors, it follows such as this. Blue - Guardian (one of THREE branches of Jedi Knight rank)Guardians were more combat efficient with a lightsaber then force. Yellow - Sentinel (Same rank as Knight, Different job, they guard the Jedi Temple)Sentinels seemed to have a unique balance between both the force and lightsaber handling. Green - Consular is the final rank, They are essentially the same as knights, though more about the intellectual aspects, They are stronger with the force then the others, and crave knowledge. This is how it USED to be at least. After The Old Republic the Jedi began to choose on personal preference, and after the Empire was defeated (After the Galactic republic) They kept the same system going using any and all sorts of colors.
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Jedi chick writes:
The first one isn't really a slip up. They're Jedi, they can do what we poor souls can only dream about. And the second one, well, maybe he's muttering his last prayer or something. How unnatural is this? And Darth Maul doesn't say a word as he is sliced into two halves by Obi-Wan. Maybe the Jedi are a little more expressive about these sort of things than the Sith.
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asylrecht writes:
In the other movies all of the jedi such as Obi-Wan and Yoda vanish when they either die or are killed. Why doesn't Qui-Gon Jinn vanish when he is killed?
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I Am Darth Maul writes:
Oh course I Am right! Like I've ever made any mistakes....oh yeah....
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Doctor X writes:
Give this one some thought. (I also want to have it made public record somewhere that I came up with this idea LONG before Episode II came out, because one of my mates always denies that I can make these sorts of connections on my own.) Point 1: Qui-Gon is a maverick. He doesn't quite follow the Jedi Code (That's why the green saber. Originally, it was supposed to be Blue for Light Side, Red for Dark, but when they filmed ROTJ, the blue didn't work well on the desert background, so it was decided that there was a renegade faction of the Light Side that didn't quite follow the Jedi Code, and they used green lightsabers.) and has his own methods of doing things. Point 2: Qui-Gon is attuned with the Living Force. If you go back and examine his interactions with Padme, it seems that he is aware that Padme is the Queen, but plays along with the deception. (He's also the only one that isn't shocked when she announces to Boss Nass that she IS the Queen.) Point 3: Rather than vanishing as soon as the death blow is struck, Qui-Gon clings to life long enough to make Obi-Wan swear to train Anakin. (Just an observation: Was anyone else reminded of Arthur and Bedevere here?) My Conclusion: Qui-Gon is a clone. Difficult, stubborn, and rebellious, it's my guess that these traits are common to clones, and that's what leads to the Clone Wars. The real Qui-Gon either has been dead for quite some time, or will appear in Episode II or III.
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Perfect Tommy writes:
Maybe Qui-Gon's lips moving was him saying "Obi-Wan, I'm not dead. I'm not dead! I'm not DEAD!"
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carnageus writes:
If memory serves me correctly, the actors who've been given lightsabers for episodes 1 and 2 were allowed to choose their own colour of lightsaber, so if Lucas did ever have a colour code for the lightsabers he seems to have abandoned it.
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Pie is good writes:
EricKoch. Obi was fatigued from the battle. It would have been hard fo him to tap into the force and use force-speed to get to the doors in time.
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kanada writes:
Jedi only disaper if they choes to or have the chanse to. yoda died then disaperd, in star wars Obi-Wan said a little spech if you strike me down i will become evermore porfule the you can emgine and disipers even before the saber passes throw his body and ferther more in dark force 2 the guy thats killed is a jedi but dose not dissapere and Qui-Gon should have bene on the cansole but kept defing there wishes maybe you have to be on the consal to leren all jedi trates. and a basik trat of a jedi is speed and jump ablity otherwise obi-wan would have been able to jump up a levle and out fo the shaft diring the duel of the fates and not all jedi have the same trates ass others.
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KIAed writes:
Kanada just has horrible spelling and grammer. Also, Darth Maul is correct. The answer will be in episode 2 or three, along with yoda fighting!
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Yuk-Fai writes:
Jedi's only fade away if they are Jedi Masters. Qui-Gon wasn't, Obi-Wan was, along with Yoda and Anakin Skywalker. That's why Qui-Gon didn't fade away. And, Luke burned Darth Vaders suit, not his body.
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Anna writes:
But Jedi's are supposed to disappear when they die! Remember Yoda in Empire Strikes back? Qui must not be a real Jedi.
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TimberWolf365 writes:
Have you played LucasArts's Jedi Knight? One of its Force powers is Force Speed. I think that is how they ran so fast.
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zeldafreak64 writes:
There's another slip-up about the whole disappearing thing. As for the lip-moving thing, I thought I saw it too, but it kinda looks like the flames playing tricks on us...
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phil_Shadow writes:
They can run so fast because they use force speed, like in the dark forces 2 computer game
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Dylan Rush writes:
in reply to the comment about why qui-gon didn't disapear,here is the answer: when yoda and obi-wan died,they went into a jedi trance so they wouldn't feel any pain when they died and so they would just dissapear.but qui-gon didnt do this,because he was sure he would win.
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EricKoch writes:
Okay, if Obi-Wan had the ability to cover a lot of ground in a split second, why didn't he race through those force-field beams near the end of the film at that super speed and save Qui-gon?
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JAX writes:
Here let me tell you how the lightsaber colors work - in my opinion. Blue = Jedi Apprentice; Green = Jedi Master; Yellow = Jedi Apprentice; Gold = Jedi Master; Crimson = Jedi Master; Purple = Apprentice or Master; Red = Sith Apprentice or Master.
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