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Gore, Al - Several Slipups
In a statement when addressing a labor union, Al Gore said that his mother would sing him the labor union song when he was young. The problem was that that song was written when he was 27 years old!
On CNN's Late Edition, Al Gore made that comment: "During my service in the United States congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." The Internet, originally the ARPANET, was actually initiated in 1969, when Al Gore was 21 and 8 years away from joining Congress.
On NBC's Meet the Press, Lisa Myers asked "Can you say that none of the Democrats you've campaigned for are liars?" Gore responded "Yes." Lisa asked again "Not a single one?" Al Gore again replied "Well, yes." The Truth? Al Gore campaigned for Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996.
In the San Jose Mercury News, Gore said that there was never any tobacco grown on his farm, however, about a year before, he said that after Nancy died, they stopped growing tobacco on their farm.
In the American Prospect, Gore said "I introduced the very first free TV legislation...". Actually, there were 163 Bills for free or reduced cost TV introduced in Congress since 1960.
In an ad for Al Gore in 1988 it said that he was "A brilliant student, Gore won a scholarship at Harvard where he graduated with honors." All throughout highschool, he got Bs and Cs, and in college, his Sophomore year, he received a D, a C-, 2 Cs, 2 C+s, and a B-, placing him in the lower fifth of his class. Grades like that won't land you with honors, no matter how you turn them around, which he didn't.
And the best of all, "There has never been a time in this campaign when I have said something that I know to be untrue. There’s never been a time when I’ve said something untrue." Gore said that in the New Hampshire Democratic Debate. See the above list.
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Contributed By: Jerry on 10-11-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Theodore Miller writes:
The union song "Look for the Union Label" was written when Al Gore was 27, but it's a version of the song "Look for the Silver Lining", written by Jerome Kern well before Al Gore was born. I'd guess the latter song is what Gore actually heard as a child.
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Trooper writes:
Not really a slip up, just Al getting caught in lies.
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ExiledTger writes:
Re the creation of the internet. While Gore's statement is an exaggeration (as many of his statements are), there is some truth to it. The Internet was originally the Arpanet, a few computers throughout the country (mostly in the Northeast and Southern California) interconnected for research purposes, primarily aimed at defense. Access to the Arpanet was restricted to those who had a need and were involved with those research institutions. Legislation passed by Congress loosened the restrictions and gave essentially unlimited access to it, turning Arpanet into the Internet as we know it today. Gore was a member of the congressional panel that authored the legislation.
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TwinkieRabbit writes:
anyone hear the one about where he said he was born in a log cabin that he built with his own two hands? man, I hate to think of what would happen if this guy got elected...
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TwinkieRabbit writes:
Theodore Miller, you are wrong!! Al Gore said it was the one song and NOT a variation of it. Which means he's lying. As usual.
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TwinkieRabbit writes:
MAD.... catch up on your history. Al Gore was never elected...
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spunkysmum writes:
LOL! "Look for the Union Label" and "Look for the Silver Lining" are two completely different songs with completely different tunes and tempos. If you don't believe me there are videos of both on youtube.
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cowgirl1204 writes:
in relation to an earlier comment made talking about gore and his involvement with the internet/www. "During my service in the United States congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." this is what gore said. as you can see, he said that he created the internet. he does not say that he worked to obtain funds to further research.
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MAD writes:
...and still,he was the last person to actually be elected president.
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! writes:
Al Gore is a man a words, as we all are. Words are what we speak and some of these words can be evil and attack us. We must combat these eveil words by making fun of those seem to have the most trouble them. So now the evil words are being thrown out into the oblivion that is the place of oblivion.
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