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Matrix, The - Building Explosion
When Morpheus is rescued and Trinity bails from the helecopter, the chopper rips into the building and causes the building to explode. When Neo pulls Trinity up, it is completely silent and there is no smoke or debris visible.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 10-08-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
The reason for there not being any debris, broken glass or whatever visible, is because the helicopter fell a good couple of floors before it hit the building. The proof is that the helicopter glided out of sight under the edge of the roof Neo stood on when he started twisting the rope around his shoulder in slow-mo. Gravity and momentum did the rest when the copter lost fuel and engine power. So in short, the copter did not fly into the building in a straight line, it rather 'fell' into the building in an inverse parabolic line. Sounds complicated? Good. In lamen's, the copter plummeted many stories before it went boom. So why should we see debris, why should we see broken windows? The explosion wave and ripple effect on the glass only shattered 6 or 7 stories up. The helicopter could have fallen 10 floors. There was a reasonably large gap between each building, as seen through the side opening when Trinity shot the rope (you could see the streets below). She even had enough time to escape out of the falling helicopter. Ok, ok, she would have to be the Flash to do that, but Neo could dodge bullets in this film, so there. So, with the large gap between the buildings, and the distance fallen by the copter, this could account to 10 stories or more. So in that case, we should NOT be able to see broken glass. If you look closely, when Neo is holding Trin in his arms, we see smoke rising from where the crash would be below. SO WE DO SEE SMOKE. Watch the scene again please. As for sound, the explosion already happened and finished when Trin hit the glass window. So when Neo hoisted her up, it would have been 1 minute or so after the 'boom'. So what else would we hear? Fire? Do you honestly think we could hear fire 10 stories up - across the street? Screaming? Not from up there! The fact that Neo had Trin in his arms after about a minute or so after the initial explosion also rules out debris, would we see chunks of debris shooting up or falling down after a minute of the explosion? If you think so, I can clearly see you failing Physics at school.
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Josh writes:
There is debris! Are you blind? When Trinity hits the wall, the glass falling right there. Its everywhere!
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