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Hollow Man - Guys... I'm Locked Out
Early on in the movie, when Sebastian enters the lab, he uses a fingerprint scanner to gain entry. Later, when he is invisible, he somehow manages to still get into the lab... I dunno, maybe the print scanner senses heat or something.
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Contributed By: Comwiz326 on 10-02-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Nickole writes:
You might get invisible and no one can see you but it doesn't mean that you don't exsit, actually remember the part when he opened the girls blouse, she can feel him, that means that when he touch the scanner it has to detect his fingerprint.
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Scolman writes:
Actually, Comwiz is correct. A fingerprint scanner works on the same principle as a photocopier, it uses light to brighten the suface you are wishing to copy and then records that light. Same as a fingerprint scanner. It does have a pressure sensor in it, but that is only to tell when someone has placed their finger on the sensor so it can start scanning. You'll see most commercial fingerprint scanners these days with a little 'hood' to put your finger in so no light can escape. So why Sebastian is able to get in and out of the office is beyond me.
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ipossesssligs writes:
I don't think the fingerprint scanner uses vision to detect fingerprints. It most likely it uses touch.
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
I do agree, the scanner does visibly need to scan the finger to allow access. But I have got 2 solutions for you. 1. It was a while since I saw this, so bare with me. He could have (note the COULD HAVE)entered the elevator with some of the people that worked in his team, as they were entering. 2. He could have stained his thumb/finger with soil, cream or any other chemical, to reflect the uv light emitted from the scanner. He only needs to make the scanner think that his finger is there, regardless of color. Invisible people can be seen when stained, 'theoretically' speaking of coarse, or rather, the stain could be seen floating in the air, if stuck to the invisible person. I know this is a remote possibility. I do think this WAS a slip-up, but 2 suddenly alternatives hit me. Maybe if they release a Hollowman Special Edition on DVD or something, we might see him do this (once again, I do mean MAYBE to those that might point me out saying how wrong I was, after the release of DVD).
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