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Top Gun - A Couple
I was in VF-41 Black Aces for 4 years 1992-1996, during this time, I was a Plane Captain, and AD (Power Plants) and an AT (Radar Tech) so here's my couple comments...
1. Right at the beginning, a Plane Director holds 2 fingers two his Palm, next shot, the F-14 goes Full Afterburner (The signal actually means connect electical power)
2. in multiple shots, when they lose an engine, they are actually shutting off the Afterburner to that engine.
3. that funny swirl you see out the back of the F-14 in some shots, is actually them dumping fule out the vent mast for the effect.
4. Last battle, take off in aircraft 114, land in 104.
5. when they first meet the mig, and Goose is going to take a picture inverted. The spindles are in the ejection seats, The AME's use these to remove the seats and make them safe, if the F-14 went upside down, the ejection seats would fall out with the spindles in.
6. when goose hits the canopy and dies. This cannot happen, the canopy is designed to be jettesoned to the rear no matter how many G's are on the aircraft (even upside down). and pilot ejects slightly to the left, and Rio slightly to the right.(not to mention, Maverick has an ejection handle between his legs as well, just in case he gets pinned foreward.
7. In a couple shots, you see a Rio grabbing 2 handles in the back to hold on during manuvers, There is only 1 handle in the center in the rear of an F-14 (Unsure of what Aircraft has 2 back there that they got the shot from)
If I think of more, I'll throw them up, I still love the movie, always gets me thinking of my days running around on a carrier. (What a rush!)
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Special Requirements: The Movie, maybe a little navy experience
Contributed By: Trance on 10-11-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Sluggo writes:
Regarding comment 6: Actually, it has happened. About 15 years ago, an F-16D went out of control at the RTU, I believe (either Luke AFB, AZ, or Macdill AFB,FL) and the crew ejected. The aircraft was deep-stalled, like a flat spin. The rear-seat instructor was killed when the canopy separated correctly but then stayed close to the cockpit. This happened right before Top Gun,and may have been the impetus for the incident.
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Trance writes:
I don't know anything about Air Force F-16's. I worked on F-14's There were multiple ejections while I was there, some due to Combined/Flight Hydraulic failures as well as engine problems, the only way I could see this as feasible would be if the canopy ejection system Failed or had a problem.
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Stratus Nightweaver writes:
Also, the seats of the F-14 Tomcat are disigned to be taller than the pilot or Rio, preventing this from happening.
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Pdkflyguy writes:
Regarding the ejection seat slip-up. This was a major problem in the F-14A, and they had to redesign the entire canopy ejection system to fix it. The engineers at Grumman designed the canopy originally to simply fly upwards, allowing the wind to move it rearwards. They soon discovered that in a flat spin -as is in that scene- that the canopy would loom directly over the cockpit, killing or injuring the flight crew. They have since fixed this problem. Anyone who's been around F-14's ought to know that.
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Trance writes:
In response to Pdkflyguy, I'd like to know where you heard they replaced the entire ejection system in the F-14A. I have searched all over to try and validate this information, but found no mention of it anywhere. not even upon moving to the F-14A+ or the F-14B. Want the History of the F-14 from the first one? try this :
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Trance writes:
After a lot of looking around and talking to a couple ejection system experts, I did get this information : the GRU-7A system was not changed after original installation, with the exception of the canopy separation system. There was supposedly a change to that system due to a F-14 in a flat spin (which was caught on film as it was a test flight) The canopy was very close, but did not impact the seats. That is the scene that was glorified in Top Gun. Both crew escaped unharmed in that instance, but a slightly modified lanyard was implemented to allow for more distance of the canopy to the aircraft before seat ejection in future aircraft. I am still trying to find what year this took place.
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Cessna157 writes:
Regarding comment #3, this is not fuel vapor. Jet vapor creates a mist, not smoke. The effect used in the movie is an oil injection system, the same thing used at airshows.
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