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Matrix, The - No Gatling Gun on the Helicopter
Right before Neo and Trinity get on the helicopter on top of the roof, there doesn't seem to be a Gatling gun on it. Then in all subsequent scenes you see it consistently. Am I just blind (strong possiblity), or is this a real slip-up?
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Special Requirements: Movie, slow-motion/pause
Contributed By: Mad-Man on 09-20-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Bezelbub writes:
Thank you Bubba BoBaBrain! I mean even if the door isn't closed, the gun's probably on a track or something so that it rolls out and in. I mean, who wants a gatling gun sticking out of a helicopter all day? Come on, its just inside the helicopter until they roll it out!
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Smaug writes:
Year, like me. The gatling gun in my car isn't sticking out my car roof all day: I use steel tracks to drive it into combat position.
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Carrot_top writes:
Who says the minigun isn't there? If you look closely at the scene where Morpheus and the agents are getting out of the helicopter, you'll see the minigun in the doorway, just behind the cockpit. It is angled almost vertically down, and could be easily missed as both it and the helicopter are black.
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Shawn Hillyer writes:
To answer the question, "Why was there a gun in the helicopter in the first place?" I offer a simple explanation. The agents called in all of the military guys or whatever that they (Neo and Trinity) were fighting inside of and on top of the building. It wouldn't surprise me if a military (or whatever) helicopter was on top of the building to transport those men there. No more stupid questions.
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Andrew writes:
but they have to go through the spawning program first in order to get those.
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Bubba BoBaBrain writes:
Isn't the chopper door closed the first time we see it? Isn't the gun behind this closed door? Duh?
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eengrms writes:
Did anyone even consider the question of why the gun was in the helicopter in the first place? How lucky did they get that they just happened to find a helicopter with a gun in it? Also, if Trinity didn't know how to fly helicopters, how did she know exactly what kind it was to tell Tank?
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snoopy writes:
I agree with bezelbub, I mean it's kinda obvious.
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defroth writes:
why wasn't the gun used in the first place?
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Kevin Porter writes:
This isn´t a slip-up! You forgot that tank (the operator) can load anything into that world of the matrix and the gatling gun was just a little part of those things. For example, remember the scene before Trinity and Neo enter the building! They are packing themselves with guns and THEN they go into the matrix and enter the building! That´s just part of the plot! What you saw is no slip-up!!! It was Tank who loaded the gatling into the helicopter!
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asylrecht writes:
Tank can't load anything straight into the matrix. the sh*t they bring in has to come in with them from the construct program.
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