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Matrix, The - The Bullets in the Desert Eagle Are Blanks
When Agent Smith is killing Neo in room 303 right at the end (2:02:36 you can see a real bullet casing fall to the ground. Less than a second later, at 2:02:48, you see several BLANKS come out of the gun, one after the other! You can tell because of the "scrunched" tip they have instead of a projectile bullet.
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Special Requirements: Movie, slow-motion/pause
Contributed By: Mad-Man on 09-20-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Sammo writes:
Oh really? I thought they employed several Neo look-a-likes so they could use real bullets, thanks for ruining the film for me. I was really thinking they used real bullets...
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Mad-Man writes:
As far as I'm concerned, the slip-up is that in the same scene, from the same gun, both real bullets and blanks were used. Sammo: All the comments you make on this site are totally retarded, so just stop it because no one thinks it's funny.
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GalFisk writes:
This slip-up has been reported before, what's the point of reporting it again? And it is not a slip-up that they use blanks (of course they do), but the fact that you can see that they're using blanks is a slip-up (movies are supposed to look real, aren't they?)
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Jaromir Krol writes:
Yep, noticed that the first time I watched the movie... it's quite annoying and (unlike e.g. Neo's pants goof) not so funny, at least not for me. In fact, I find weapon-related goofs very annoying. Not as annoying as those various computer-related idiocies made in every second movie by lame computer illiterate writers and directors (how I hate these...), but pretty annoying, nevertheless.
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doufnuget writes:
this is a slip up because the scene of the gun firing is a close up from above the gun. you can't see what the gun is pointed at. it should have been done with real bullets.
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kyofu writes:
OK...they sure as hell weren't going to use real bullets. This is why blanks were invented. What did you want them to do??? Not show a close-up of the gun? Certain slip-ups are pretty much expected to be found... and understood. There really isn't a WHOLE lot they could do about this, short of pointing a gun with live ammo at a camera or person... and potentially having another Brandon Lee incident. So let's let them have this one, OK?
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garethgazz writes:
Not really a slip up is it, of course they use blanks. They KNEW they were using blanks so its not a slip up. The fact that you can tell has nothing to do with it, anyone with half a brain knows they use blanks anyway.
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NEO writes:
Of freaking course there using blanks it is a movie they don't want to kill anybody. That's like saying "Hey those aren't real people, they're actors. Oh what a rip off!" So you get my drift.
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