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Fight Club - Another Ghost (From a Scene Early On)
When Ed Norton is first shown in the office he is photcopying and talking about his insomnia. As a guy with a trolley walks past you will see the ghost of Brad Pitt holding the fight club instructions which is found by his boss later on in the movie.
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Special Requirements: vcr still frame
Contributed By: Starla on 09-06-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Mr.Durden writes:
This is not a slip-up. I have watched the movie many times and I have found five occurrences of this "ghost". The first of those is when he(Norton) is talking to the doctor. The second at work by the copy machine while Norton speaks of his insomnia. The third at the support group after Thomas shares. The fourth outside of the support group as Norton watches Marla walk down a corridor. The fifth is the most interesting and hard to see. When Norton's character is in the hotel on his business trip, while he is watching TV, he views the add for the hotel. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen, Tyler is standing in a uniform with the rest of the hotel staff. These "ghosts" are merely Fincher's way of showing Norton's characters transformation.
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Moskun writes:
I believe this is neither a slipup nor an easter egg, but the several 'ghosts' in the beginning represent Tyler melding into Jack's (or narrator, whichever you prefer) life.
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The Paranoiac Critical writes:
I agree with The Donster here. I want somebody to go out and make a movie, and in that movie I want you to "accidentally" put in a neatly cropped photo of a person for about 5 frames. It can't be done on accident! It's an intricate editing thing which requires someone to sit down and put it in! NOT A SLIPUP!
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pr_frink writes:
This isn't a slip-up at all. It was done intentionally by David Fincher. If you watched the movie at all you would know this. This is an easter egg, not a slip-up.
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kimbob writes:
Most of the "slip-ups" offered for this move makes me realize that 90% of this movie went over most people's heads. How do you "accidentally" splice images into a film? You might want to read a remedial analysis or explanation of the movie before posting critical plot-points as "slip-ups. I'm waiting for someone to post the fact that at the end of the movie, the gun keeps switching from Ed Norton's hand to Brad Pitt's, LOL. I guess some people watch movies for the big booming noises and the remainder is superfluous.
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The Donster writes:
Moskun you are so very right. It really bothers me to read all these "Ghost-posts". I canĀ“t believe someone would think that this is not done on purpose...!
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Ben Nevis writes:
These 'Ghosts' (I assume you refer to the subliminal frames dotted throughout the film), not only are they intentional, but they are a reference to the part where Tyler places single frames from porno flicks into family films. Obviously the director thought it'd be interesting if he did the same. Subliminal shots can also be found in 'the Young Ones' series.
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musical_shadow writes:
It's probably not supposed to be bits added into the film like the subliminals - for a start, the film says subliminals are "single frames", and for a second, where would you get the exact same shot, just with a person in? I think they're supposed to be an odd representation of how messed up the narrator is from his "insomnia".
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steak writes:
I have freeze framed all the subliminal blips and captured them to .jpg files and have posted them onto the web, for anyone that wants them. They are all from the DVD so are good quality.
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Angel writes:
I watched this movie like 3 times and never saw any of the ghosts. (Hey, it was at night, I was tired). Does anybody know where all of them are?
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Blue Monkey writes:
Look, it's not about Jack and Tyler "melding. It's showing that Tyler had a part in making the film. Don't you remember that Jack was talking about Tyler's job as a film reel fixer. He would add in little porn bits. This is just and example of what they were talking about. You don't know you saw it, but you saw it. (Extra: There are also little clips of male parts inserted into the movie.)
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