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Matrix, The - Super Stop
Check out the part when the train bashes Agent Smith. When Neo begins to head for the exit you hear the same train jamming its breaks. First of all its takes about 10 seconds for a passenger train to halt, not 3. But whats really confusing is that Agent Smith walks out of the train about 6-7 carts away from the first one. How did he stop the train if the only way to stop it is in the first cart? That'll give you something to think about.
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Contributed By: Bobby on 09-06-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Red 5, standing by writes:
First of all, Smith didn't stop the train. The conductor would have seen them, and slammed on the brakes. Since the train couldn't stop in time, it hits Smith and therefore kills the body that Smith was using at the time (the hobo). Smith at that point took over the body of one of the passengers closest to where Neo was. Basically, this didn't give me something to think about, and it's not even a slip up.
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darkmoon102 writes:
I think that if the guy was an agent that he would have just told the matrix to stop the train for him, in his little computer language or whatever. I think the train could have stopped imidiatly if the director of the matrix wanted to make it stop so suddenly cause if the spoon isn't real, then hell ya the train aint real, and gravity, and mass, and volume, its all fake in the matrix so in stead of a full 10 second stop, the agent could have said to the matrix "screw reality and just stop the damn train". Ok that is all.
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garethgazz writes:
I don't know about the breaking thing, but yea he can morph into the closest person to Neo. Plus if he is that strong he could have stopped the train himself, but i think the idea was that the body he was using was killed and then he morphed.
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TAllGUy writes:
His original point still stands. There is no way the train could have stopped in that period of time. They don't have rubber tyres (as was seen in the shot of the under-carriage), they have smooth steel on smooth steel. At the speed it was going (probably, as the train was shot in Sydney's subway, at about 40km/h or 27mph), it would take at least 200 metres to stop (3.3 feet to the metre, you figure it out). It would have overshot the platform by a long way. (by the way, to the american spell checker, we Australians spell metres in this way. If I wanted to talk about parking meters I would spell it that way).
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TRiNiTY writes:
Even though Red 5 pretty much explained everything, may I also point out that some trains may be stopped via the use of emergency braking units located throughout the train, not just in the first cart as originally suggested.
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defroth writes:
I would guess he morphed into a passenger and told The Matrix to stop the train. I also wonder why they wern't any screams from the passengers after the abrupt stop and screeching and seeing some poor soul turn into an agent. And if he could stop a train why didn't/couldn't he stop bullets. Where I live there's a emergency brake on every cart. Or maybe the conductor stopped the train. I dunno. What is a slip-up is the rubble from Neo's wall slamming. When in the scene of him landing you can clearly see no rubble.
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Maleficent1973 writes:
Well, this one is easy to explain. First he morphed into the the "driver's" bod to stop the train, and then jumped into a passenger's bod to get to NEO. DUH!
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