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Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Unused Shell
After the T-1000 blows up the huge semi truck, Arnold and John ride in front of the flame. After they are a safe distance away, they stop and look back. Arnold cocks his shotgun, thinking that maybe the T-1000 is going to walk right out. He doesnt, so Arnold puts his gun away and drives off. Well in the next scene, when John orders Arnold to pull over, Arnold gets his shotgun back out to reload. The first thing that flies out of the gun is an empty shell. Huh? Arnold never uses the shell, he just cocks the gun and drives away. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
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Contributed By: Michael Myers on 10-16-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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NeuroManson writes:
Well, just a silly note as well, Sarah Connor also unloaded a riot shotgun into the T-1000 near the finale of the smelting plant... She fired 6 shots into him before running out of ammo... Well, for the gun afficianados out there, as far as I recall, a shotgun like that can hold 8-10 rounds, not counting the one in the chamber... And being a survivalist like Sarah is, who didn't fire a shot up til that point, WHY would she be carrying a half loaded gun, especially considering what she was up against? Just a thought...
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AJK writes:
Maybe she had no ammo left?
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missmegs writes:
in response to Neuro Manson, if you recall, sarah did have 8 rounds. before the T1000 stabs her in the shoulder, she fires one off into his face. then after that shot has no effect on him she struggles to load in another round, drops it and thats when he stabs her. She reloads the gun with the remaining 6 rounds after arnold makes his second attack (first being when he looses his arm, and third being when he destroys the T1000). I hope that helped clarify a bit.
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Neo writes:
If you double load a shotgun, the cartridge that is already loaded is ejected out. He just ejected out a loaded shell to load a new one
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