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Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope - Too Tall for a Storm Trooper!
When C3po is in the control room ( i _think_ its him anyway... its the small red control room with the sliding doors anyways), he is ambushed by a bunch of storm troopers(?) in white costumes... watch closely as they enter; one of them whacks his head on the top of the doorway! ouch!
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
Ow that hurt!!!!
Ow that hurt!!!!
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Contributed By: *Sari-Star* on 08-13-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Deathead writes:
The reason this "Slip up" Was left in was because another extra covered the fall. If you listen closely you will hear one of the StormTroopers say "Post a guard and tend to him" Mr Lucas Liked the quick thinking so much that he left it in ~Deathead
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
I really think this unfortunate extra should have a place in the end credits, as a small joke for us Star Wars viewers to look out for. Don't you agree? He should be listed as 'Unfortunate Stormtrooper' or 'Clumsy Stormtrooper'. Even a lame 'Tall Stormtrooper' would be nice, followed by the name of the real goof that earned himself international humiliation.
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Darth Antilles writes:
This has to be the funniest SW blooper, especially with that really loud CRACK when he hits the door. Also, if you keep watching after he slams his head, in the next camera angle he is keeled over to the left. A second later he props himself up and tries to regain his dignity as a stormtrooper.
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Twiek writes:
If you watch all the scenes involving that door, you can see that when the guy hit his head, the door isn't all the way up. In all the rest of the scenes, the door is fully retracted
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MrsDourdan writes:
The "thwack" sound effect was only added on the rerelease, after the flub became so well known. It wasn't in the original theatre version of the film.
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Garmy writes:
HAHAHAHA! I just grabbed my Star Wars Special Edition video tape and watched this slip up and laughed so hard that the milk I was drinking actually squirted out of my nose.HAHAHA. And later you see the same Stormtrooper go to walk through the door, think twice, then just decide to stand gaurd.HOHOHOHO. By the way, am I the only one that thinks someone should make a TV program called "The Worlds 100 Funniest Film Slip-Ups", as this would definitly be in the top 10
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JonoThePimpMaster writes:
What makes it even funnier: 1.You can hear the CRACK sound when he smacks his head off the door. 2.The same guy waits at the door when everyone else goes through. 3.Everyone else ducks as they leave. This is probably the funniest mistake I've seen so far!!!!!!!!!!!!
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toyoka writes:
Listen to his tone of voice, the Trooper who says: "See to him." sounds annoyed, like this guy's a klutz and it's typical for him to do something so stupid.
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Garthie writes:
Good Call! You would think that with planet shattering technology, they could build higher doorways. ha ha...
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haghog999 writes:
Actually, regarding the comment involving Jango Fet, these could have been part of the 501st, who are the only legion left from the clone wars. Also, it is possible they could have been clones as the troopers may have been clones, but the officers may have been human. Who knows? ( who cares more like ).
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Smitty writes:
Also if you notice, on the way out the rest of the stormtroopers duck on their way out.
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Mars Guo writes:
Heheh, yep. This is my fav SW blooper of all time! The lead stormtrooper a moment later says "See to him!" reffering of course the the fainted officer from earlier in the film, but it's a nice coincidence. =) A few minutes later when they're leaving, the same stormtrooper starts to go through the door but stops short and decides he'll just stand here and keep watch. ^_^
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Karl Smith writes:
I never thought I would see anything funnier than "stormtrooper bashes head on doorway" until I read the comment regarding crediting the extra that did it in the cast.
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Coldfyre writes:
This is the greatest.. as for talk of removing it from the Special Edition, that's sort of impossible without making the shot short and awkward. Besides, why would you want to?! :)
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Smitty writes:
This is a really good slip up, When I first saw it I thought it was hilarious. Good eye
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JayA writes:
I caught this one many years ago, but I thought they would fix it in the new, re-mastered release....BUT NO! Maybe George liked his little "joke".
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[email protected] writes:
O.K. I've watched this movie a zillion times and had never noticed any slip-ups at all. I guess I just get sucked in when it's a good movie. I have to admit though that I got out my copy and had a jolly good laugh at that silly sod whacking his head. Very funny. Can anyone else watch a movie now and not spot a c*ck up? I spend most of my time looking for them now. G.G.7
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Althadous writes:
It was not genetics as someone has posted above. If you all might remember, the clones of Jango Fett have SUPER FAST LIFETIMES. This era is around 50-60 AFTER the clone wars. All of the clones would be dead. Granted, they (Kaminoeans) can make more clones, but notice that Luke said he wanted to join the Imperial Academy. Biggs had apparently joined up as well. And, finally, when on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, notice all of the officers DON'T LOOK ALIKE. These are NOT clones. If you also have read the books, played the games, and read the comic books, you will understand that none of the Stormtroopers look alike or are related to a Bounty hunter 50 years dead. The clones were merely used to destroy the Jedi, and from then the new Emporer relied on individual's to join his army. I've also seen inside the Stormtrooper helmets. The eye holes are EXTREMLY DIFFICULT to see out of. Anyone would smack their heads on a door. Thanks for bearing with me.
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I have no name writes:
What I like even better is that a couple minutes later, a stormtrooper of equal height is standing in the same doorway that was once low enough for someone to hit their head on, now has several inches of clearance. A trick of the camera angle? I think not.
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MCO writes:
Don't know how old these particular eeggs are for this to be relevent: in Ep. 2, Boba Fett's father proves to be the DNA source for the clones; I believe one dvd extra track points out that that the bounty hunter strikes his head in this prequel as will the future clone-cum-storm trooper in Ep. 4. Apparently Jengo's under-the-helmet poor depth perception is genetic (and therefore is passed on intact to his copies).
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Koison writes:
Ouchies. Well, sometimes, Star Wars movies are funny. For example, when they are in the trash compactor and they are screaming because they ar e relieved, C-3PO hears this from a speaker and thinks they are getting smushed. Well, anyway, who cares what I said? This slip-up is great!
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Wjack539 writes:
MCO was somewhat right. Due to this being probably the most well known film flub from the Star Wars Saga, and all of the fans love this moment, as a gag, George Lucas and his team from ILM put a gag in Episode II: Attack of the Clones in response to this scene. After the battle on Kamino after the fight with Obi-wan, Jango Fett starts to enter Slave 1, upon doing so as the door closes he hits his head on the door, as he's entering the ship. Don't believe me watch that scene.
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Mr. Masks writes:
This is one of the funniest I've ever seen. When I first saw it, no one else could figure out why I was laughing until I rewound it and showed them.
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JimmyGoGO writes:
the way you people talk it is as if he knock himself clean out, all he does is walk into the door, you can't hear any bang and he doesn't fall over. he's fine, he instead of stepping back like anyone else would, he regardlessly continues to walk.
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daking writes:
This is my favorite slip up, I saw it years ago and still like that one.
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PMF writes:
Classic slip-up. Makes me laugh every time I see it.
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xtem writes:
I heard that the extra spent the next day in the hospital?!
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muff13 writes:
I saw this on Hey Hey it's Saturday ages ago
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moose writes:
actually, when he says "see to him" he means the guy they killed to get in.
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The Emperor writes:
That was my favorite out of all the movies. I spotted it the first time i saw the movie.
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Seeitmyway writes:
As funny as it was to see that Stormtrooper whack his head, more is being made of it than should be. First off, the guy who banged his head WASN'T keeling over in the next scene, secondly, no sound effect was added. What you are hearing is the static of the "head" SS's radio as he spoke into it right as the guy hit his head and lastly, a SS was told to stand guard in the doorway, this necessarily wasnt our friend. A great blooper yes. But let's not bastardize it with Oliver Stoneesq theories.
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