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Digimon - A Boy or Girl?
In the show when Agumon becomes Skullgreymon, at the end when he is turned back to korormon, he sounds like a girl, then gabumon says "she". I thought koromon was a boy, and it was a boy in the other shows.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-31-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Pinkachu writes:
hey! not all boys has male digimon and girls has female digimon, in season two, yolei has hawkmon, yolei's a girl and hawkmon's definitely a male
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mewdudey writes:
Your wrong! When Gubumon said Said "She's right" he was referring to what biyomon had just said about how Skullgreymon going nuts wasn't Koromon's fault!
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kycool73 writes:
Voices are constantly changing. If you have watched every episode, T.k.'s voice changes, Mimi's voice changes so does 'C'oramon's(?) and Tentomon's.
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Bibs writes:
No way, Hawkmon is DEFINITELY a boy. And, since I know it's gonna come up soon, I'd like to add that Sylphimon is a boy too. So is Halsemon, so is Koromon, so is T.K.
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Pinkachu writes:
I know, Koromon was using the exact same sound as Mimi....
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@ssKicker writes:
It's okay! I know why Greymon became Skull-Greymon! It's because Tai acted against the power of his Crest. Jumping in front of a Greymon is not courageous, it's just STUPID. So Agumon became a Virus type Digimon.
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Bibs writes:
Koromon always sounds like a girl. I don't remember Gabumon ever calling him a "she", but I'm sure you just heard wrong. But I haven't seen the episode in a long time, so I'm not gonna tell you you were wrong.
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Bibs writes:
Sylphimon IS male! He is in the Japanese version, and that's all the proof a person needs.
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Plzsit writes:
I'm not quite sure if it's relevant, but in season three Renamon states clearly that digimon are genderless when asked if she is male or female. But it may be different for seasons one and two.
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@ssKicker writes:
Oh, and Koromon doesn't sound like a girl. It sounds like a very girly boy. Definitely a boy. But it sounds a whole lot girlier in "The Arrival of Skullgreymon", episode 8, I think. Does anyone know why Greymon became Skullgreymon and not Metalgreymon? Is it because it digivolved without the crest?
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biyomon writes:
hi i'm new to this and found what you was saying quite intresting. just thought i might say i don't think digimon can be male or female i think they have no gender. but thats just what i have been told. im not sure but why would there be a male biymon?
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@ssKicker writes:
Nobody can ever tell the gender of cartoon creatures unless they have already been told. But I think that all the male Digi-Destined have male Digimon and the female Digi-Destined have female Digimon. I think Koromon sounded a lot like Biyomon actually, that might explain it. Maybe when recording that bit, whoever did Koromon's voice MIGHT do Biyomon's too, but forgot who was who. I don't know that for a fact, however.
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Dylan Searles writes:
SILPHYMON IS NOT MALE! I believe Silphymon is an it. Since Gatomon and Aquillamon DNA digivolved(Gatomon - female; Aquillamon - male), there is no way to tell. So DNA digimon are its. Unless male digimon DNA digivolved together(ExVeemon, Stingmon - and - Angemon and Ankllymon), DNA digimon are its. Okay. I talk too much.
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had to register to leave a comment writes:
silphimon is male, silphimon is hawkmons natural ultimate and because of the fact that there is no tags and crests in adventure 02 to digivolve to ultimate the digimon need to digivolve together, gatomon is just sulppying hawkmon with the power that he needs to reach ultimate and the fact that she is female has no bearing on silphimons gender. Gatomon and patamon have their natural ultimates and ken had a crest that couldve digivolved stingmon so the three DNA digimon are actually the true ultimates of veemon, hawkmon and armadillomon. also a bit of evidence that supports the fact that silphimon is hawkmons ultimate is in the 8th digimon movie x evolution, where a silphimon speaks with the same voice that was used for aqualimon in season two which suggests that a gatomon wasnt involved with this silphimon. And by the way hawkmon and koromon are both 100% male, no doubt about it.
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@ssKicker writes:
Sorry! The Arrival of Skull-Grey-Mon was episode 16!
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Venom writes:
This note goes to the notes at the top of this about Silyhymon a male or female. It's both. Gatomon and Aquilamon. The End
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xo_jecca writes:
You know what, I'm really confused with Hawkmon's gender. In episode 12, "The Good, the Bad, and the Digi," of season two, when Deputymon forces Yolei and Sora and their digimon to play cards with him, both Biyomon and Hawkmon say that they are not boys. So Hawkmon says it clearly there, but he/she still sounds like a male. I always thought she was just a female with a deep voice (no doubt, though, that her voice is done by a male).
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Marzz writes:
I think that the actor for koromon was away so mimi's actress voluntered. Or is koromons actor mimi's actress and it was a slipup.
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kycool73 writes:
Yeh, but Hawkmon's like a shemale! And Yolie, well.....
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