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Matrix, The - Good Mannered Agent Smith Pushes Chair In?
When Agent Smith is having some alone time with Morpheus (just after he tells the other two agents to leave) he pulls out a metal chair from the desk away from Morpheus, in front of the window.
When Neo comes to save him, you can see that the chair is back in it's place, pushed in under the desk.
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Special Requirements: The Matrix on tape or DVD
Contributed By: machyne on 08-23-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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machyne writes:
So let me review, for those who have had their brains busted... You're Morpheus. You're sitting down facing the window. Agent Smith tells the two other agents to leave. He grabs a chair from the desk to the left of you and in front of the window. He does his thing. The other agents come back and he pushes the chair out to the right and behind him as he stands up. Neo comes blazing in with a Gat and the chair is now back in under the desk to the left, where it was pulled from. Continuity is the word of the day in this Slip-up.
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eengrms writes:
Trinity I don't think you realize that everything you mentioned would be considered a "slip-up", and isn't that why we are all here? We're not here to say how much we loved the movie, and how much common sensed should be used!
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Cheekio writes:
Wow, after the two agents came back, he must have pushed it back to the other side of the room... these are real brain busters.
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Slurpy The Frog writes:
All the while this bit with Smith is happening, Neo is not onscreen. Somehow he still manages to be doing stuff though. Just because you didn't see him push the chair back in when the camera wasn't looking doesn't mean it didn't happen, Sherlock.
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TRiNiTY writes:
Who cares? Really? So what if you don't SEE him push in his chair, or you don't SEE Morpheus take off his glasses. Isn't it safe to assume that it happened? Time-continuum lapses are frequent in this movie, jumping from one time and space to another. So perhaps the film just relies on common sense that yes, he DID push his chair in, and yes Morpheus DID take his glasses off, and yes Trinity DID brush her hair away from her face.
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dj_heffalump writes:
TRiNiTY, I totally agree. the DJ.
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