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Digimon - Mistaken Classes with the Cards
In the episode "It's All In The Cards", right when they were in Myotismon's castle, at the pedestal where those cards Gennai gave them were supposed to be placed, they were trying to find out what cards go where.
When Izzy finds out what the symbols mean on the side and the top of the diagram, he says the stars on the left side represent In-Training, Rookie, and Champion. Wrong! It should have been Rookie, Champion, and Ultimate, considering that none of the cards they received had any In-Training level Digimon on them.
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Contributed By: cagze2000 on 08-20-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Gobrianna writes:
LOL. Not only that, but he also gets the columns mixed up when he calls Leomon Data, Centarumon Virus, and Etemon Vaccine! Poor Izzy. Peer pressure must have gotten to him. ^_^
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Angewomon101 writes:
Yeah, that's a pretty big mistake. Izzy, of all people should know this.
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Bibs writes:
Hey! Don't diss Tento! He ain't geeky! Izzy's a geek, not Tentomon.
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@ssKicker writes:
Yeah...right. Next to Matt and Sora, Izzy's the coolest DigiDestined! Anyway, this is a bigger slip-up than you think. Yes, Izzy IS wrong about the cards, make that clear first. But, most of the information from previous episodes shows Izzy to be right (though he's not.) In the episode where they get swallowed whole by Whamon and carried to Server Island, they meet a bad Digimon (I forget its name) with a black gear in its back. Its attack is Drill Spin. But if Izzy is wrong, then that Digimon is at the Ultimate stage. Yet Ikkakumon (Champion) is evenly matched with it! So Izzy would be right there, because he said that it was a Champion. But there is no way you could call Gomamon (one of my favorites) an In-Training 'Mon.
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@ssKicker writes:
More to the point, does anyone get it? Cheese and Yamato? Yamato "Matt" Ishida? Gabumon? Matt's Digimon? Ah, never mind. It's not that good anyway!
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Darkfyre writes:
That Digimon with the 'Drill-Spin' is Drimogemon. Both Drimogemon and Ikkakumon are Champion Digimon. That's why they're both evenly matched.
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@ssKicker writes:
Poor Izzy. He hasn't had a good day at all. He and his Digimon have been beaten up, called nerds and nobody laughed when he said Gabumon's favourite pizza was cheese and Yamato. Okay, I made up most of it, but it's probably true. Also, he has the geekiest Digimon known to man (and Digimon) and he ended up calling Agumon and Gomamon In-Training Digimon. You'd think he'd at least know that.
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@ssKicker writes:
Does anyone else think that Tentomon sounds a bit like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons?
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@ssKicker writes:
Here's the new episode of Digimon: Tentomon: Hi, Izzy. What are you doing? Izzy: I'm concentrating on learning social skills. Buzz off. Tentomon: Wow, Izzy! I'll learn too. I need to learn more than you. Izzy: There, I've finished the book. Do you want it, Sparky? Tentomon: You've never called me Sparky before! (Izzy brushes hair back to look like Matt's) Izzy: Hey, Sparky. Try it, you need it. Tentomon: Oh, dear. Izzy: Yo, fellow Digidestined! Let's rock! (slots the cards in perfectly) Matt: I believe that you have inserted the cards in the correct order, Izzy. Prestigious! I see they are a computer code to open the door with! Looks like a UNIX system! (Matt puts on a T-shirt with little blue buttons and a pair of green shorts) Izzy: What's up, Matt? We're going home, yeah! Matt: I have been reading Star Trek: Insurrection. It is most interesting. Read it, Izzy. Read it.
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