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Pokemon: The Movie 2000 - Poliwhirl has 2 Names?
In Pikachus Rescue Adventure, During Bellosoms song, Poliwhirl keeps saying Poliwrath.
Does he know what his name is??
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Special Requirements: ears
Contributed By: Danny Mutabi on 08-23-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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will writes:
He probably says Poliwrath because he IS a poliwrath. Case Closed.
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Lancedrite writes:
4kids entertainment really messes up translations
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Unknown writes:
I don't know, only Meowth, Mewtwo, Lugia, and the legendary dogs can talk. DOES he know his name?
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Ponyta227 writes:
Lapras can talk, too, and the PokéRap mess-up isn't Poliwhirl with Poliwrath's picture, it's Poliwrath with Poliwag's picture. The Legendary Dogs can talk?
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Mars Guo writes:
The legendary dogs... Raikou, Entei, and Suicune--the G/S equivalents of Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno. Raikou is a Thunder elemental, Entei is Fire, and Suicune uses Water and Ice attacks. If you live in a country in which Pokemon Gold and Silver versions haven't yet been released, you wouldn't know them.
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T-zone writes:
Lugia can talk also.
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Mars Guo writes:
Wishful thinking! A Pokemon can DREAM, can't he! He wants to be a Poliwrath so badly, he even put a Poliwrath's picture in place of his own in the Pokerap so maybe eventually he'd convince himself he WAS a Poliwrath. But the people at Stone town won't lend him a teeny weeny water stone, so he's STUCK like that! HAVE YOU NO SYMPATHY! *SOB*
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Pikachuman2ooo writes:
We all know that, but the main subject is why does Poliwhirl keep saying Poliwrath.
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Silver757 writes:
Are you sure Lugia and the 3 dogs can talk?
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Duo God of Death writes:
The only 2 pokemon that can talk with their mouths are Team Rocket's Meowth and Slowking (Which is an evolution of Slowpoke). All the others that can talk are actually psycic and can talk telepathically (notice how Mewtwo and Lugia's mouths never move when they say something"
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Duo God of Death writes:
I don't know for sure if all 3 of the ledgendary dogs can talk but I did see Pokemon 3 and Entei does talk in it (psycically). But the only thing is, that this Entei isn't real but is just created by the Unowns through Molly's wish to have her dad back. The "illusion Entei" could just have enherited the Unown's phycic-ness and was suddenly able to talk. But I think that most Pokemon could talk English if they really tryed hard, just like Team Rocket's Meowth. If you watch the episode where Meowth does learn how to talk on the series all he does is try really hard by listening to humans speak and by reading books. As this whole thing about Polywhirl saying that he is a Polywrath, maybe he learned how to talk somehow either that or he's a not-so-muscular Polywrath. The only difference between the 2 is that Polywrath has evil eyes and bulky muscles and Polywhirl doesn't, so couldn't this Polywhirl just really be a wimpy Polywrath?
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Duo God of Death writes:
I am a he, not a she, just to clear that up. And about the Ghastly talking on that episode it can talk because either one of my theories, it taught itself to talk or because it is psychic. Hear me out don't already go PoKéMaD at me for calling Ghastly a psychic type. I have noticed that just about every ghost type can learn psychic, the attack. I think that ability enables him to talk, so why does every other Ghastly just keep ranting "Ghasss-tly!"? I don't really know. But it also could be because this Ghastly is part the myth of maidens's peak and that makes him special and able to talk. But then again the Maiden's Peak episode would have been extremely boring if instead of talking to Ash and co. all he did was say "Gha-Gha-Ghassstly!"
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Dragon Lady writes:
What are the legendary dogs? Thanks!
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Stealth killer writes:
What about slowking? (I think that's his name - slowbro's G/S evolution) In the movie, he can talk too. Is it just that one (like meowth) or can all of the slowkings talk?
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Magmar writes:
Mewtwo can talk also.
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Shadow writes:
What a bout the Ghastly in "The ghost of maidens peak" Ghastly are not psychic so there was not psychic talking going on there . Dou God of Death is right when he (or she) is saying the Slowking and Meowth are the only 2 of 3 that can talk . Can the 3 dogs talk ??
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