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Now and Then - Peek-a-Boo!
In this movie, during the part where the girls are stealing the Wormer's clothes from the lake, Devon Sawa accidentally reveals a little too much of himself. As he squats down to pick up his underwear( wearing a potato sack), you can just see his private um... area.
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Special Requirements: Your eyes, and maybe a slow-motion button.
Contributed By: Crystle on 08-18-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Me writes:
Well.... actually my friends and I put it in slow motion and well, we saw something that didn't look like underwear to us. Just my 2 cents...
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bunny g writes:
okay... but y are you guys paying that much attention there?
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cassarina writes:
I'm pretty sure they would not have him running around in a rough potato sack with nothing on underneath, with the risk of him actually showing something. I'm sure his parents would not have allowed it either.
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moviechic writes:
Actually, if you put in slow motion, you can tell that he is really wearing underwear already. You can't see anything on him, except some butts when they are running after the girls.
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random writes:
This slip-up is the real deal. Maybe in some shots they have underwear on, but there was at least 1 time where it was let to all hang out. It is only brief but it is there, I am 99.9% certain. This is somewhat embarassing to admit, but me and my friends used to play this scene in slow motion all the time when we were about 12, catching some of our first glimpses of the male anatomy. We'd do it over and over, and we were certainly seeing more than just underwear. It is a blur in the movie, but when you put it in slow motion it actually came out quite well defined, from memory! I always wondered why they would get them to bend down naked and not then think to check the shot afterwards to make sure everything was in order, but I guess they didn't. Considering this film is aimed to people from a young age, I think this was a fairly large mistake.
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Stephanie writes:
I've seen this movie more times than I can remember, and I own it. I've slow-motioned that seen where he squats down and it sure looks like Mr. Happy is there. I agree with the original person who did this Slip Up.
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ellie writes:
Well, it's pretty dark under that towel, but if you pause it on just the right place, you can indeed see it! I've asked around, many girls have discovered it, too. In my opinion, this is not a slip-up! It's a gift from Heaven!
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Arnie writes:
Yes, I have noticed this too, but does this part of the movie really qualify as a slip-up?
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