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Matrix, The - Helicopter Shadows
In the scene after Morpheus is rescued by Neo and Trinity, Morpheus is dropped onto a roof top and Neo lands after him. As Neo stands and watches the helicopter fly over head, you see the shadow of the helicopter pass over Neo without the shadow of it's blades. Then the next shot is the helicopter already passed Neo and on it's way to hit the glass building. The helicopter blades now have shadows.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-17-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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defroth writes:
When the helicopter was over Neo's head the blades were probably moving to fast for a shadow to be recorded. When a shadow is visible it maybe because the helicopter is so close to the building and the blades slowed down a bit.
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Wonderman writes:
I think you are absolutely right.
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valuerockr writes:
in the same scene when trinity is flying you can see the shadow of the camera real fast
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Stacy writes:
If you own the DVD copy of The Matrix, you can see the scene in question before it's green-screened in and all, and the helicopter chasis they use in the scene doesn't have blades. There's your answer, the CG guys just blinked at the wrong moment and didn't manage to catch the missing shadows.
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Cheekio writes:
You cannot say anything about every model of every type of helicopter blade ever created in the world. These are just strange ones that have special properties (enhanced by future tech) that also give them a shadow as a side effect.
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TRiNiTY writes:
As you will note, the helicopter was losing it's power as it descended, hence the blades of the helicopter were slowing down gradually. Perhaps the blades in the first shadow were still moving just fast enough to not have a distinctive shadow, or just fast enough for the computer rendering person to not bother to include them as it would be a waste of effort.
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NamelessOne writes:
Trinity is right. The helicopter is slowed down to show that Neo is the One. And the shadows are visible at that time to show that the helicopter slowed down. That's it I think.
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