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Friends - Bruce Willis & Elle Macphearson
In the 4th series, Joey and Chandler talk about how good the british version of Die Hard would be, Die Hard stars Bruce Willis. In series 6, Bruce Willis is Ross' girlfriends dad. Joey and Chandler don't recognize him? And in the one with the princess leia fantasy, Ross and Chandler talk about when having sex they picture people such as "the girl with the belly button ring " and Elle Macphearson. In Series 6, She becomes Janine, Joeys room mate. She also is not recognized.
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Contributed By: Shakie on 08-07-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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mentallo writes:
Ross' girlfriends dad is only portrayed by Bruce WIllis. He is not actually playing "Bruce Willis" on the show. Elle Macphearson is portraying Joey's new roommate Jeannine, she is not playing the role of "Elle Macphearson". This is why they were not recognized.
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PMF writes:
Yeah you'd think someone would say something like "Hey Joey, your new roommate looks just like Elle MacPherson."
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moviechic writes:
I agree with what mentallo wrote. Bruce Willis and Elle MacPherson play character's on the show, they didn't portray themselves. This is not a problem at all! Come up with something that really is a slipup.
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dkildea writes:
I wouldn't call this a mistake. Maybe in the Friends universe Bruce Willis doesn't look like he does in ours. I don't remember Chandler and Joey mentioning the star of Die Hard. Maybe in thier world, someone else stars in the movie (ala Sylvester Stallone playing the Terminator in Arnold Shawzenneger's "Last Action Hero").
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oswald writes:
How about Isabella Rossellini? She did star with Bruce Willis in "Death Becomes Her." The Friends can recognize her, but not him?
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Adrienne writes:
Isabella Rossellini was playing herself when she appeared on Friends. Of course they would recognize her!!! Bruce and Elle were NOT playing themselves.
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T.B. Kahuna writes:
Have you ever noticed that not all t.v. shows are coherent? HEY! And those episodes with Bruce were hilarious, so let's not fight.
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Sura writes:
I think that the editors did this on purpose. I don't think it is a slip-up, but I would just call it irony
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IrishRichy writes:
They do know who Bruce Willis is because in one episode they are talking about actors who are couples and someone mentions Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Also in season two episode 1, Monica wants her hair like Demi Moore, so they must look the same.
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Jay writes:
There is NOTHING ironic about this situation Sura... look up the meaning. And has everyone forgotten about Tom Selleck? He played a MAJOR role in the "Friends Universe" ... but he was never recognised as an actor - because he was playing a CHARACTER and that's all. He wasn't playing himself. Same applies to Bruce, Elle, Clooney and everyone else who has appeared on Friends. They all play characters.
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Angel QT writes:
Of course they look the same!!!! They are just not playing themselves! Joey wouldn't say "hey look there's Matthew Perry the actor on the Whole Nine Yards" Because Matthew Perry is Chandler! A lot of shows get guest stars who usually don't play themselves (although they sometimes do) If Bruce Willis was playing Bruce Willis they would recognize him!
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Luna writes:
Okay guys, as mentallo, moviechic, and adrienne have all said very clearly already, the reason that no one recognizes bruce and elle is because THEY ARE NOT PLAYING THEMSELVES. Isabella Rossilini is. It's not a question of whether the Bruce and Elle of the friends world look the same as they do in our world, because when they were on the show, they were just playing characters, like any other actor that was on the show for a few episodes. None of them go "hey look, it's Jennifer Aniston" when they see Rachel, because she's just playing a role. Same thing with Bruce and Elle.
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littlemissmadness writes:
The point is that the characters played by Bruce and Elle were just CHARACTERS and may have been portrayed by any actor, it has nothing to do with who played them, the audience are supposed to accept the characters at face value. If you want to argue about recognising celebrity guests you could probably make a trail from Bruce or Elle to any of the celeb guests they had on the show. This was not a slipup, it was about the actors who were right for the roles.
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Nala writes:
I think this is a great slip up! Who cares if Bruce Willis is in one of their favorite movies but he doesn't "play" himself on the show? It's still Bruce Willis!
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Nala writes:
They also talk about Susan Surandon (sp?) and a bunch of other celebrities. Great Slipup!
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Mikala writes:
OK people, just because they make a reference to the movie that Bruce Willis was in dosn't mean that the producers are going to pass up an opportunity to have a very famous and very good actor on the show. Also, because of how many story ideas and script ideas go into the writers room over SIX years, they can't always remamber every little reference in one of the actors lines.
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Cbrew1121 writes:
This made me think of Scream 2. Courtney Cox's character (Gayle Storm)is asked about a racy pic of her on the Internet and she replies, "It was my head and Jennifer Aniston's body." You see, "movie people" do this sometimes as a nice little joke for us viewers.
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smArt blOnde 76 writes:
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Matt writes:
I can't believe how dumb some people are. it's not that complicated. Bruce Willis was playing a character, just like the 6 friends stars play characters. Rosselini(sp), was doing a cameo of herself, meaning she was on the show as herself, not a character. Many celebs have appeared on Friends, like brad pitt, one of the Baldwins, and tons of others, but they don't regonize them either, because they are playing a part, also known as acting. A Cameo is when someone appears on a show as themself, otherwise they are playing a character. to the Friends characters (Ross, Joey, Rachel, Etc.) Bruce willis wasn't Bruce, he was Mr. Stevens, Elizabeth's Dad. Just because they've talked about a movie that he was in, doesn't mean anything, because he was there as a character, not himself. Get it now.
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Blackwater writes:
I'm surprised that no one's brought this up, but all of the characters in the show are played by actors. I'd actually like to see an episode where, say, Rachel enters a room and everyone goes "Whoa! It's Jennifer Aniston!"
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Jacquelyn8685 writes:
I agree with all the people who said they were portraying different characters, but I would like to add, that Jonathan Silverman is also one of those actors not "recognized" on the show. In the episode where the girls and the guys go head-to-head in their trivia game it is mentioned that Rachel's "real" favorite movie is "Weekend at Bernies", which starred Jonathan Silverman, but in the episode "the one with the birth" Jonathan Silverman plays a doctor. If EVERY actor that starred in ANY movie that was mentioned on friends could NOT have appeared on the show unless they played themSELVES, that would really have cut down on available guest stars. I mean, I'm sure more people tuned into the show because "so and so" was going to be on it. And if the writers had to sit and think, "hmm, wait a minute. Was Julia Roberts (for example) in ANY movies that were mentioned on ANY episode??" Could you imagine what a pain that would be??
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