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Back To The Future 2 - Continuty Problem
In this movie Doc explains that when you look at yourself in the future or past you will rupture the time continum. This is demonsrated when Doc past meet Doc present and Doc presents hides his face. Also when present Jen meets future Jen and they pass out. How come when Biff future goes back to 1955, he meets with Biff past, and nothing happens? Does Biff have some sort of special machine to prevent that? Or was Doc wrong in his calculations.
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Special Requirements: BTTF2 and a VCR or TV
Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-01-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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shawn writes:
It didn't cause a paradox for Biff because young Biff didn't know that the old man was him. Doc would have known because they look the same. Now old Biff and young Biff do resemble each other but remember young Biff is stupid: Make like a tree and get out of here, screen door on a battleship etc.
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Mr. T writes:
Knowing that he would meet himself of the past, 2015 Biff would not have fainted or done anything irrational which would cause a continuam. In order for the younger version of the person to create a continuam, they would have to be shocked to see their future selves. But 1955 Biff does not notice the old man as himself, therefore a continuam never occurs. And for the record, 185 Doc never reveals his face to 1955 Doc. They talk, but never look at each other face to face.
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Cpt. T.A.S. writes:
Doc didn't say that seeing your "other" self would cause a disruption in the space-time continuum. He knew how disoriented Jennifer would be after she woke up from Doc "buzzing" her. And he knew only "she" would pass out. Also if you read the BTTF II novel, Doc explains what would happen when Jennifer would faint. If younger Jennifer was to pass out and hit her head and die, Marty and Jennifer would never have kids, which would mean that Doc would have no reason to get Marty and help save his kids (that was the only reason Doc got Marty and Jennifer and brought them to the future). Ok, if Doc didn't get Marty to the future, Jennifer would never die because she would have never went to the future, so if she didn't die, her and Marty would have had kids, which means she would be alive. And Doc says in the novel, "You can't be alive and dead at the same time, it violates the laws of physics." That would cause the paradox.
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GlowInTheDark writes:
I think people are looking into this one to much. At 25:55 after Doc. says Jen COULD see herself, he says "the consequences COULD be disasterous". "I foresee TWO possiblities" he says. "One is seeing her self 30 years older WOULD put her into shock...Two, the encounter COULD create a time paradox, results of which COULD cause a chain reaction that WOULD unravel the fabric of time and destroy the entire universe (worst case of course). My point is if you listen to the dialog you can easily tell Doc. didn't know. There was no basis for him to judge off. He knew the possibilities but not which would occur.
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speersfms writes:
If you notice - and you have to have a good eye, when Doc and Marty get 1985 Jennifier and bring her to the Dolorean in Hilldale, we see old Biff struggle out and disappear. Then, when they take off and Doc punches in 1985 into the time circuts, you see the display pop up. However, if you freeze frame it here, you see in the "Previous Time" display - Nov. 5, 1955; where Old Biff was and ironically the day Marty went to the dance, and back to 1985. The question is, though, why ddin't Doc and Marty notice this? Then wouldn't they have stopped and thought - because to their knowledge it should have still said 1985 because they had not traveled in 2015 up until this point.
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Steven Wilding writes:
well cpt. T.A.S said "If younger Jennifer was to pass out and hit her head and die, Marty and Jennifer would never have kids, which would mean that Doc would have no reason to get Marty and help save his kids ". Well if that is the case then surely Biff would be rich and famous in the year 2015, and have no reason to go back in time and give younger Biff the almanac that tells him the winning contenders, therefore he would never receive the almanac and he would never become rich, and that would create the paradox? This blooper has been haunting me since I watched the film, and I do love this film (number 2 was the best of the three in my opinion). However, unless the novel alledges otherwise, then the only reason that a person would faint instead of create the paradox is because a simple human mind would not be able to take the new memory (the person from the past would have seen him/her but the future person would have no memory of it, and therefore it would either cause a paradox, or simply cause the fainting that would change the future person's brain (i don't know, like updating the person's memories, and experiencing all those changes alone). Unless ANYONE can suggest otherwise, it is therefore a huge blooper, and Doc,Jenny and Biff should all have been responsible for the paradox :-) any arguments welcome, I love this topic, and to finally get people who will prove me wrong with a good argument will really make me feel better
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Linebyline writes:
I have to agree that using a time machine to correct the future is just dumb. We correct (or make worse) the future every single day. The only reason Doc did it is that they put the joke in at the end of the original movie, not planning for a sequel, and even had Jennifer in the car. I think one of the DVD extras said that if she hadn't been with them, Doc could've just said "No we're not; we're going to jurassic times" or some such thing. In other words, nearly the whole story for BTTF2 is because of the joke at the end of the original. As for Jennifer passing out, I think it's just because each version of her was surprised at seeing the other, indicated by the dialogue "I'm Old!" and "I'm Young!"
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sufc ste writes:
I know this is not relevant to the slip-up, but it is relevant to the comments. Doc only realises that you make your own future right at the end of BTTF Part 3. Up until that point, he believes that your destiny cannot be changed unless you know about it first. That is the reason for his actions in BTTF Part 2. Plus, if he didn't, then there would be no BTTF Parts 2 & 3!
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jaeffe writes:
I can't figure out why they had to do that either.(other than they needed a plot for the movie) Why didn't Doc just tell Marty what led to all the trouble (the drag race and hitting the RR) and make sure he didn't do it?
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Samantha writes:
I think he met like, meeting them, and actually conversing with them.....
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Akira writes:
He didn't need to 'correct' the future...I think Doc was trying to teach Marty a lesson, and used the first instance that it caused harm to teach with.
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Morfeus writes:
Hey, here's a question: why would someone from the present have to correct the FUTURE anyway?! It hasn't happened yet!!
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Nathan writes:
Ok he was correcting the future but that is what the time machine was built for. But Doc wouldn't tell marty about the drag race and the accident, and he did tell him about his kids. What is up with that? Also Doc thought it was cute that he read the letter anyway and saved his own life but couldn't return the favor to save Marty's future self from being a failure. The fact that Biff went into the past and then changed time... Then The 1985 was different so then 2015 would have been too. Probably be no room for all the things we seen happen and since Biff was evil Then Marty's kids would have been loved and no need tosave them. With me so far? SO who gave Biff the almanac? Well Biff did! And how did he get the Delorean? Maybe that is why in 1985 he had Doc Brown committed (instead of commended[front page news, too haha]) So he would have access to the time machine when he needed it. *whew* Did that make sense? Feel free to email me on this
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