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Star Trek Voyager - Sir or Madam
Now I've noticed this sort of thing happens more often than not. Every now and again when someone acknoledges Captain Janeway's request, if they don't say "Aye Captain", or "Yes Ma'am", they sometimes slipup and say "Yes Sir". I've noticed Tom Paris ,Tuvok and Ensign Kim do this every now and then.
Another thing that muct be taken into account is the mood of the captain. When she is angry ar annoyed and gives an order that is very serious, usually paris will say "Yes, Sir" as oppose to ma'am.
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Contributed By: Jeo21 on 07-20-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Lizzy writes:
She prefers to be called "Captain", but the protocol for the entire Federation is "Sir", no matter whether the captain is male or female.
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AJK writes:
Correction: In Voyager's pilot episode "Caretaker", she requests that she be addressed as "Captain", except 'in a crunch', where "Ma'am" is acceptable. Regardless of this, she should - correctly - be addressed as "Sir".
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MIDN Moore writes:
We in the modern Navy refer to female officers of higher rank as "ma'am" and male officers of higher rank as "sir." However, Janeway alludes to current Starfleet protocol in 'Caretaker' where it is appropriate to refer to seniors as "sir" regardless of gender. She tells Paris and Kim that she prefers "Captain," and "ma'am" "in a crunch." Some of my female superiors would be a little annoyed if that were the case today, but I guess it works in the 24th century.
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Peter Shams-Avari writes:
In the movie "Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn" Savik is called Mr. Savik. Gender neurtality, but old habits die hard when it comes to Sir or Ma'am.
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sdrabs writes:
People should not make comments if they don't know what they are talking about. One would never call a female officer "Sir" in today's Army(I am an Army Sergeant). That is ridiculous. They are "Ma'am" if female and "Sir" if male.
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FrannieRose writes:
Anyone who reaches the rank of Starship Captain should be called Sir.
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Pi writes:
It really doesn't matter if they get called Sir or Ma'am, Because some Captains are sirs and others are Ma'ams, and on a ship, they are interchangeable. In real life, some female army captains and such are called sir.
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Mythmander writes:
Tom, Pointy-eared man(spell-check), and Harry are all Star fleet. They had it drilled into them at the academy.
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GraphX writes:
In the military (present & future) officers are called "Sir" no matter the gender. Just as with Ensigns being called "Mister"
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Wafna writes:
Yes! Finally someone else who is bothered by this! They do it to Be'Ellana, too, and it's been bothering me for ages!
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mentallo writes:
If you have been followinf Voyager from the start, you should have remembered that Janeway "asked" them to call her sir when responding to her. Unless it was an emergency, then she expected to hear ma'am.
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IdidntDoIt writes:
Now that I read your post and think about it... You are right!!! It just never dawned on me before.
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