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Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope - Light Sabre Short Out
When Darth Vader kills Obi Wan and the blaster fire begins, Han tells Luke to blast the door shut, when the door starts to close and Vader is walking towards the door his light sabre is no longer lit.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 10-09-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Ancient_Klown writes:
Maybe he turned off his lightsabre.
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Drakkenfyre writes:
Think about that comment for a moment, "lightsaber handles are made out of 80's camera parts", when was the first movie made?, 1977, hardly the 80's, what was used (at least for Luke's), is what is called a Graflex 3-Cell Flash gun, from the 40's!, quite rare nowadays, and very prized to be converted to Lightsabers, Darth Vader's was a Heiland flashgun, for ROTJ, Luke's Lightsaber was custom made, not made out of other parts.
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Strix writes:
Isn't it amazing that in this same scene, Luke shoots for what seems like forever and misses almost every stormtrooper but hits that door lock on the first try?
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lefti writes:
Okay, Lucas's original plan for doing the lightsabers was to coat with a reflective surface and shine lights on them, as originally described. But it didn't work that well, so they just added on the color in post-production. Also, I've heard the lightsaber handles were made out of camera parts, but they obviously weren't 80's camera parts.
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Baron Fel writes:
What you're seeing there is the real sabre that the actors used, it's white because somebody in post production didn't see it and forgot to add the color.
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Psyche writes:
Baron Fel's right. The optical effects technician screwed this one up.
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Jru writes:
Thomas: You claim that Light Sabers are made from 80`s camera parts . So i guess that George Lucas had to do some time travelling to get these parts, since Star Wars was released in 1977 Nice try Moron.
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St3aLth writes:
Wow Thomas, you're a quick one! I didn't think time travel existed in 1977, those were the good ol' days...
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Mars Guo writes:
Listen guys, I know how to do that cool Lightsaber effect using paintshop pro. I've got photos of me weidling my aqua-colored saber about to shred a cardboard cutout of Bob Saget to ribbons. They use a lightsaber handle prop with a long alluminum rod attatched to the end. After they film the scene they edit in the glow with computers, using the rods as guidelines and nothing more. I've created some pretty realistic-looking pics that way.
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Thomas writes:
Star Wars uses a BRIGHT blue rod in the end of a light sabre handle connected to a motor with some reflective tape on it. The reason they use blue is because thats what they always use. It lacks from hair colour or anything. The blue rod spins to create the flickering effect and in POST-PRODUCTION the computer colours in anything thats the BRIGHT blue colour, then adds the glow. Oh Yeah, light sabres are made from old 80's camera parts.
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firedrum writes:
the reason they are blue is another way to add the color to the light saber...if u ever watch specials on how they make some movies u will hear about the "blue screen" anything else that is blue will not show up on the screen when it is played back hence they can add special effects to it
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Coldfyre writes:
Can you believe they didn't fix this one in Special Edition?! What were they thinking? As for it being confused with a blaster bolt, I don't think so. Vader's lightsaber is a sort of pink red, and blaster bolts are more pure red or orange red. Plus the way he was carrying it would have made it obvious it was a lightsaber.
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Tom C. writes:
They fixed this in the DVD set which I now own.
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saberfett writes:
If you look closely, Darth Vader's Lightsaber was white instead of red because it would look weird in the movie if Darth Vader's lightsaber was red because it would look like a blaster bolt (which is red), instead of a lightsaber.
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