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Saving Private Ryan - D-Day Mistakes
When the group of three medics (wade & 2 others) come on screen watch the far left medics canteen when it gets hit. It's leaking bloody water! No chance of a splash, because it continues to for about 10 sec. Watch the part when the soldiers are fighting the machine gun bunker (sandbag). The camera goes for a panning shot, and look who rifleman #2 is! It's Oppom! Later when he and Capt. Miller are talking in the netted area he's says he hasn't fired a gun since basic training.
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Contributed By: Joe Fife on 07-20-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Scott writes:
You are definitely wrong - first the canteen leaks clear water, then it starts to leak blood once the medic's own blood starts to get mixed in with it...
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garethgazz writes:
The person playing Upham wouldn't even have been there when they were filming the battle scenes his character wasn't involved in, he was NOT rifleman two. They hired the Irish army for the landing scene, why would they stick a main character in there as well? Uphams character got shipped in after the fighting had finished because he was just a translater and someone who made maps. Trust me, no one is stupid enough to stick one of the main characters in a huge battle they are not supposed to be in, its just not done.
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MattTheBrave writes:
it is not oppum. when cpt. miller wants covering fire he specifically singles out mellish and caparzo. he says "mellish! caparzo! grab some cover and put some fire on that crew!" and it is indeed mellish and caparzo.
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foot_corn writes:
about the medic and his canteen, it's not a slip-up he gets shot in the canteen, thus the blood from his hip (?) is flowing through the canteen along with whatever water was in the canteen. If I recall correctly, you can see him trying to reach the bullet wound and "dress" it with a face of agony. I remember for sure, however, it was because he was shot.
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The General writes:
It is Upham, they did not have the amount of extras they needed for this movie, which is why a few of them show up in the movie two or three different times. The actor who plays Upham was recruited as an extra because his character (sp?) had not been introduced and therefore anyone watching the movie for the first time would not recognize him.
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James Pow the Echidna writes:
Yer wrong. Upham says that he only have gone thru basic training, and Milelr asks him if he has fired a gun during it, Upham does not say that he's never used a gun since basic training
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Mett writes:
I don't know about Upham, or the medic being hit. But medics were known to carry blood in their canteens if someone needed it. So it is possible that having a canteen hit would result in it leaking blood.
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