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Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Tme Displacement
In the first "Terminator" movie, we learn that only living tissue can use the time displacement equipment to travel back in time. In T2, the T1000 is made entirely of metal--how the heck did he make it through?
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He certainly looks metallic here! c/o The Simonator
He certainly looks metallic here! c/o The Simonator
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Contributed By: alistairyeti on 10-07-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Du Nomad writes:
First, you're basing the argument on Reese's statement that "only living matter can travel", but he actually states that he doesn't know how it works . . . "something about only living matter" is what he says (not an exact quote). Since Reese isn't a tech, admits to not knowing anything about how the time device works and appears to be somewhat vague on his description of it, it could be that it's not TRULY only living matter, but that was just his interpretation of the explanation given him. Second, while the movie does describe the T-1000 as "liquid steel", the book uses the term "living steel". It is apparent in the movie that each and every portion of the T-1000 can act on its own (when John throws the piece off the police car and it rejoins the rest of the Terminator, etc.) then it stands to reason (to me at least) that certain properties of a living organism were incorporated into the "living steel".
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Subzero writes:
Yeah, but inorganic material has to be COVERED with flesh or something living to be trasported. Maybe they covered the T1000 with a bacteria spray or something???
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Jielsliken writes:
or maybe they improved on the technology since T1, and didn't the human from the first one fall out of the sky or something i could be wrong on this one I'm not a big fan of the first one, or maybe the skynet teleporter is more advanced than the resistants one there has to be two you don't think that skynet let them use theirs do you i would've have like to see the bag-o-flesh thing
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EternalSpark writes:
Rumor has it that Cameron wanted a scene in which we realize how he got through - wrapped up in a "bag" of grown flesh to be able to go through. But it was too gory.
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Death Mage writes:
Yes, I agree, this is probably the biggest plot hole in this movie. The T-1000, as it was, should not have been able to make it through the time gate. The T-800 even says that it cannot form chemical elements, needed to make it organic. They could have done some explaining for that.
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T-Bird writes:
Also, when you see Arnold teleported or whatever for the first time, the dished out place he is kneeling on is red hot. What would happen if they wanted to send a human?
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PolpDanny writes:
In the first film, the terminator skeleton had organic material on it to make it look human, but the skeleton was still inorganic. Huh?
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Fallout writes:
Here is an Idea, In the first movie the only time machine was destroyed after they were sent back in time, so they would have had to make another to send back the new terminators, so maybe they fixed it so it can send back anything, (but the only problem with this is they still came back naked).
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twounknown writes:
T-1000 would only look human,he'd still be inorganic otherwise he would bleed when shot. how's metal going to turn to living tissue anyhow?!
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RonJLow writes:
I'm no Cameron expert, but maybe the restriction for only living stuff using time travel was a legal, not technical one. Maybe T2 used the machine under a different regime? Maybe the red-hot dent under naked Arnold in T1 was due to his metal core - like foil in a microwave - and it wouldn't have affected his human pursuer the same way.
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Lee Morris writes:
That's because if he wants to mimic people, he has to touch them first if i remember right.
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Michael Myers writes:
If you listen, it says that the T-1000 can take on shape of anyone. If he took shape of a peron before he traveled back in time, then he would be human. Watch the movie again and it explains better.
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Bane writes:
If the restriction was only a legal one then they still would have been able to bring weapons, just not legally.
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Splif writes:
The T-1000 can duplicate living things, ie. people hence human skin
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SamG. writes:
the T1000 was made of liquid metal, yet he also came through the time machine, nude. Why does a machine, that makes it self look "human" need to pick up some clothes? Also, the T1000 can't make complex machines, yet its human. I suppose we have no moving parts. Like the bombs, and such the terminator says the t1000 can't not mimic.
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Flinx writes:
Re watch the movie It's explained.
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