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Dragonball Z - Wrong Symbol
First you need the right episode. Which is when Goku first arrives on the planet Namek. Wach this episode and when you see Goku first get off his space ship notice that he has the wrong symbol on his back!!! If you can remember when Goku was training w/ King Kai he changed the symbol on Gokus back from Goku's first trainer to King Kai's symbol.
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
The symbol in question
The symbol in question
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Special Requirements: Eyes, Cable, The Dragonball Z show
Contributed By: E.J. on 07-13-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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XjahlilX writes:
The top of the costume that King Kia changed the symbol on was destroyed during Goku's fight with Vegetta. This is obviously a new costume, or an old one however you want to look at it. Anyway, its one that the symbol was never changed on
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oracle128 writes:
This is wrong. When Goku is battleing Vegita, he loses his top (it gets vaporized or destroyed or something). Obviously, wehn Goku got a new top, he used his old symbol instead of King Kai's one
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E.J. writes:
Ok fine, but what about the special cartoon network held at the beginning of the year or last year(I forget). They showed 3 DBZ movies one after another they where called in order that they showed them was Worlds Strongest, Tree of might, and The Dead Zone. If you saw them or you recorded them remember the one movie The Wrolds Strongest. Goku had King Kais symbol on his back and at the end it gets blown up by one of Dr Cochen's (I believe thats his name) attacks. And Im almost positive this was after the battle with Vegeta.
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Tony writes:
This is in response to E.J. The Dragonball Z movies are not in the same continuity as the daily episodes. You can tell this because the 2 of the movies show Gohan fighting on earth along side of his father Goku BEFORE Goku learns how to become a Super-Saiyan. In the daily episodes, Goku died before Gohan learned how to fight from Piccolo and came back to life right in the middle of the fight with Vegeta and Gohan and Krillan. Immediately after that fight Goku went to the hospital and Gohan and Krillan went to the planet Namek, where Goku came later and became a Super-Saiyan. So the events in the movies could not have taken place, and whatever was shown in them can be disregarded.
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Notum writes:
Well, only three or four of the DBZ movies take place in the actual time line. The Koola movie (# 5 or 6) takes place immediately after the Freiza saga, yet Goku is on earth. He should be on planet Yardrat.
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Marai no Cell writes:
Goku's gi having a different symbol has nothing to do with movies or anything. The fact of the matter is that when Goku was in the hospital recovering from his injuries from the battle with Vegita,he got a new gi from Kaio-Sama (King Kai for all you dubbies). It was never explained how he got it, only that he got it.
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Karasu writes:
1. This specific slipup is from an episode not a movie. 2. The symbol on goku's back is neither his old Z one or the kaio samma one. If anyone here actually watches the show, you will notice that goku had been training himself since he had been recovering in the hospital therefore the new symbol is...his own.
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The Code writes:
Yea, and on one epesode(I forget)Goku needs to change. He opens his closet and says that he will wear either orange orange or orange. His closet is composed all of the same clothes. This man has no sense of stile. "Didn't you wear that yesterday?" comes to my mind.
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DBZfan writes:
The symbol is actually Kami's symbol from when he trained with him in the original Dragonball series. This is therefore not a blooper as that is a perfectly reasonable choice of symbol.
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Dreaded writes:
You are all very incorrect. I went back n watched these episodes for the sole purpose of finding out the truth to this confusion. If you watch Goku training on the space ship while traveling to namek, you notice he is wearing the Kai's symbol. This is waaay after the recovers in hostpital from the fight with vegeta. The only reason his symbol changes between him training in his ship and the time he lands on namek, is because he realises he cant go and fight in his torn clothes he'd been training in for 6 days straight. Upon opening the closet aboard the ship he realises Bulma's father added a whole lot of his own Gis for him to change into. These Gi's all had this random new symbol on it (as if bulma's father had studied goku's gi closely enough to add the kai symbol lol). The symbol translates to the word Go which means you understand / enlightenment / discern. My source of info on the translation was from this site: However that site is also wrong in terms of where goku got that symbol but i believe the translation to be correct. Now u can all rest in peace :)
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