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Sixth Sense, The - Aussie Accent
Toni Collette, who plays Cole's mother, is from Australia. And while she does a very good American accent, if you listen carefully while she is pushing Cole in the shopping cart,(DVD time index 59.50) the yell she lets out sounds very Australian.
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Contributed By: ysic on 07-02-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Lisa writes:
If I am not mistaken, the only thing that Cole's mother yells when she is pushing him is "AAaah!!" Where in the world are you hearing an Australian accent in that? I would think that an Australian "AAaah" would sound the same as as a American one. I would understand if she had said "AAaah,mate!!" or something. Really, come on now. I have to aggree with TRP on this one. This is nitpicking if I ever saw it!
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Trp writes:
Pardon Moi, but I never heard anyone say anything about the mother being boring and raised entirely in America...what a nit-picker..
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kieferlover writes:
For all we know she may have lived in Australia when she was younger and moved to the States. Not necessarily a mistake as the characters past has not been discussed.
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ysic writes:
You are talking about dialects, I'm talking about accents. Accents shape the muscles of the throat and mouth that causes even the non-linguistic utterances to have a certain inflection. A good example of this is the Nazi's in raiders of the Lost Ark -when they went ARRGH!(usually when being killed) Spielberg made sure they sounded German. And while this Sixth Sense slip-up is a very small one, it is still interesting to hear -if you know what to listen for.
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ysic writes:
The actress is Australian, and it was a slip-up, a small one but a slip-up none the less, and besides this IS a web site for nit-pickers
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snoopy writes:
This is a slip-up, I mean just because the movie is set in America, doesn't mean she isn't from Australia.
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