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Lion King, The - Missing Characters
At the end of The Lion King, when Rafiki holds up Simba's new baby lion, the animals standing on the end of the rock are Simba, Nala, Rafiki holding the baby, Timon and Pumba. At the beginninng of Lion King II: Simba's Pride, it's supposed to be the same scene, yet Timon and Pumba are not there.
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Contributed By: pumpkinbelle on 07-02-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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amber writes:
I said the same sort of thing about the "son or daughter" 'slipup' earlier. The entire scene is different - the characters, the way the cub looks )colour, markings etc) the way the animals are formed up below etc etc. So MY theory about it is that Simba and nala had a son, which died before the 2nd movie came out. This is a fantasy theory, cause everyone knows the TRUTH is just like the comment already made saying that when TLK finished they didn't know what TLK2 would be about, so couldn't prepare. My theory is more fun though. (sad but fun)
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SunScout2000 writes:
OK, here's the deal. At the end of LK1, there were no plans for LK2, so they made the 1 cub (where did you get the idea of 2?) a male. If you then look at the beginning of the 2nd film, the cub was made a female and Disney hoped no-one would notice.
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Jade writes:
where do you get two cubs???? I only remember seeing one.
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DREAM writes:
in simbas pride there was going to be a boy and a girl A boy called chaka and was later dropped out if the film and a girl named shani was later changed to kiara.
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Fennec writes:
Think about it then, this is a slipup for TLK2, not TLK... And yes, the whole scene was completely changed at the beginning of TLK2, they obviously weren't even trying to make it exactly like the first one... if they were, it might have been more boring since it would be the same scene we already saw before... TLK2 had a completely different look and style to it I think, but most of it isn't really errors, but this one is a bit odd.. that "two different cubs" theory just might be probable.. :p (I mean the theory that the first cub died and another was born... If you think there were two cubs shown at the end of TLK.. you've obviously seen it far less times than I have..)
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TF writes:
Who says it was a male? Could you see it's p*nis? No! Nobody ever said it was a male
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Lita-2x writes:
There were two cubs a the end of Lion king.
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LadyShadow writes:
Actually, in Lion King ... At the end there were two cubs... Then in Lion King II: Simba's Pride ... There was only one.... where'd the other one go???!?
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