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Pokemon: The First Movie - Battle of the Pidgey Family
One of the 3 trainers besides Ash who made it to New Island had a Pidgeot. But if you listen to the sounds it makes, it sounds like a Pidgeotto! Even the trainer calls it a Pideotto! Someone made a big boo-boo.
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Special Requirements: Pokémon the First Movie and some common sense
Contributed By: on 07-02-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Almighty_Musachan writes:
Little note: Pidgeot is called Pidgeotto in Japan. It's voice was never dubbed, causing MUCH confusion. And just in case you wondering, Pidgey is Popoo and Pidgeotto(American one, of course) is Pigeon. :)
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Mars Guo writes:
Or it was a nickname! Woah! Never thought of that? 2097
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Cheki-chee writes:
The so called "Pidgeotto" was defiantly a Pidgeot all the way through, a Pidgeotto is to small to ride on. The people who wrote the English script to the movie really don't know their Pokemon. Anyway I think the Pidgeotto and the Pidgeot calls are very similar.
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Duo God of Death writes:
There's only a few other times they show a Pidgeot in the series and he sounds exactly like Pidgeotto, so this isn't a slip-up in the movie about the noise the Pidgeot named Pidgeotto that makes a Pidgeotto noise (That was confusing). ANYWAY, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot are one of the two most related Pokémon in the whole Poké-universe (Well... either that or Polywhirl and Polywrath) so these 2 big birds are allowed to sound alike.
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GARRETT writes:
when a pokemon evolves it will in fact keep meany trates from its previous evolution at first. such as a chikoreta evloveing into a bayleff will have a hard time controling its sent glands or a mochoc evolveing inot a mochamp will still ware its belt for awahile. my guss is that this is a rare form of porkus (a desease that pokemon can get if you train thim enought in pokemon firered and leafgreen) porkus allows your pokemon to get valuable trates of its next evolutio nbefore it evolves such as new attacks or voice sounds. as for the trainer? he is just high
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PokéMaster 2000 writes:
There are several explanations to this: his Pidgey evolved into the final form incredibly quickly the trainer is blind or (the most likely possibility) as a Pidgey he figured it was worthless and left it with someone, perhaps a breeding centre, for such a long time that by the time he saw it it was Pidgeot.
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It turns out that I'm not sure but I think that when the actor for Pidgeot didn't turn up, they used Pidgeotto actor or something like that.
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