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House On Haunted Hill - Burnt Rope?
Right near the end of the movie where the big ghost character and 2 people are in the room to open and close the window covers, the ghost burns the rope and the covers fall shut after the women gets outside. Then, a ghost pulls the rope, which is still in 1 piece, down to open the covers and let the man out.
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Its definatly Blackbird! Courtesy of The Simonator.
Its definatly Blackbird! Courtesy of The Simonator.
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Special Requirements: Nothing, you don't even have to watch closely.
Contributed By: Dave on 07-02-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Sraphm writes:
At the end.....the ghost that lifts the rope or whatever to let the two survivors out turns out to be the guy that was "in charge" of the house. He was there first to "greet" the party members and see them into the house. He didn't want any part of the game, but yet got stuck anyway.... he died. It was his ghost that saved them....seems that the black guy's background showed that he was adopted and the reporter wannabe or whatever led ppl to believe that she was what she WANTED to be and not who she really was. She should have had no part of the history of the haunted house... that is what made them live right???? WRONG!!!!! it was that one guy's ghost... ONLY out of the grace of his heart becuz the evil thing was coming straight for them to kill them.... they would be dead if it weren't for him. So basically if he wouldn't have saved them...they were doomed to die in the house is matter who they were or weren't.
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RLF writes:
That wasn't the same rope.There were other various counter weights that he could have pulled on.Oh,and the ghost's name is Pritchet,the black guy's name is Eddie,and the "fake" reporter's name is Sara.
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Jade writes:
Theoretically, they die anyway. No one knew they were there, and how would they get down from the ledge? Pretty ironic.
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neo-geo writes:
Actually, they would have survived. Early in the movie Prichet says that people are coming the next morning and will be there to get them out (if they survive) So obviously they would get the lock-down open and they could jes go back through the window they were leaning against.
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The Paranoiac Critical writes:
Go back through the window? Would you want to go back through the window? There is a rumor of a sequel so MABEY, the rescuers or whatever will come to the house and BOOGA! the house will get angry and start all over again! Or mabey not...
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Jade writes:
I would assume that the "lock-down" would be as useful for keeping people out as it would be for keeping them in. How exactly do these other people get in? All the ropes, pulleys, and levers are on the inside.
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Neo Cool writes:
Actually, if you watch the DVD with director comments it says that they were found by the coast guard but that part got cut in the final version...... Ps: did anybody notice the rising sun at the end, pretty funny for something on the west coast
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Collie writes:
When I watched the movie. The basic premise is a guy that makes Very scary roller coasters. So was all this a Scary roller coaster or not. I mean his last ride was a roller coaster that One: seems to fall off track. And two a elevator that falls down to the riders death So was all this a Scary ride and the people acting dead? I mean they do Appear to be faking it. Who gave the two people at the end the Money? that appears to be Part if the thrill ride. Am I just reading into it?
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MoonBaby writes:
Actually the ghost that saves them is Blackbird, the doctor. Pritchett was killed by the house, so it couldn't have been him. Blackbird wasn't related to anyone who survived. He was invited by the wife, because they planned to kill her husband. The fake reporter, Eddie and Blackbird were the only ones not related to survivors when the patients in the hospital escaped. And there were several ropes in the attic to open and close different windows. And for Collie, they got the money because it slid out the window and was sitting between the closed window and the ledge. I don't know how it got there though.
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FribbleGritz writes:
If you watch right after Vincent Price pushes the reporter-wannabe out of the way, the big black ghost mauls through him, turning him to ashes. When the ashes blow off you can see the envelope containing the checks fly from his torso onto the window sill.
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xhahaz writes:
Actually "Moonbaby", Watson Pritchett(Chris Kattan) save's them. If you pay attention to the ghostly figue that appears and pulls the's him. There's a video on youtube so you can rewind it and w/e so you can look...its uploaded by 4Loki and titled "House on Haunted Hill (1999) part9". What I want to know is how the heck they got down. I mean well Pritchett did say, in the morning, people were coming for, I don't know I forgot, but yeah...
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