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Matrix, The - Where Are the Guns/Gloves/Scar?
When Neo tries unsucessfully at shooting the Agent, (on the rooftop) he drops the guns and starts to dodge the bullets. But when the bullet-time goes around, the guns, that he dropped in front are gone. Then, when he grazed by the bullet and falls, the guns are there. Uhm?
And then, there's Trinity's gloves. She doesn't have gloves the entire lobby scene. Then, notice when she is stearing the helicopter and shifts the gear, she has black, leather gloves. Now where did those come from?
One last thing. If you know anything about Keanu Reeves, you know that he enjoys driving those Nortons of his really fast. You would also know that he has a large scar above his naval. (It looks like a really messed up C-Section, you know, for a baby? lol) Apparently, the producers didn't want to show his scar when they did the interogation scene. (He does not has his scar.)
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Contributed By: Faye on 06-29-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Cheekio writes:
first off- they were gloves in the helicopter. They're for easier manipulation of the controls without blistering or some crap like that. helicopter pilots are almost never bare handed. Secondly- that isn't Keanu, it's Neo. The producers wanted to make that obvious by no destinguishing marks.
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slipknotguy187 writes:
To that guy that was telling about that secret section at, I went there and typed in 'stake' for the password and it did nothing. Has it been changed? Or what?
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~Tasuki Duo~ writes:
For the interrogation scene, the torso that you see is not real. It was constructed for this scene. And if I remember correctly, you don't see Keanu's head connected to the torso in the same shot. This would explain the lack of scars. Plus, who says a character should have the same body markings as the actor or actress?
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Gregad1 writes:
Refer to the matrix section where it explains that on (flash version) you can click on the keyboard and it will request a password type 'stake' as your password and you will be taken to a site where you can select loads of special "secret pics". One section is labeled 'behind the scenes' on of these shows a neo dummy WITHOUT A SCAR on it this is how they hid keano's scar! Greg
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Angelvamp writes:
Is it just me, or can everyone actually see some scars in the interrogation scene? When the camera is at Neo's p.o.v, and he is struggling with the bug on his stomach, you can see dents down his front on the left side. Or are these different scars from Keanu's motor bike obsession?
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