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Gladiator - What's His Name Again?
Prior to the reenactment of the Battle of Carthage, Maximus' first experience in the Coliseum, he is simply known as "The Spaniard". But, prior to the battle, when Maximus asks if any of the gladiators have served in the army, one, off-camera, says, "I served with you". Then, towards the battle's climax, when Maximus is on horseback, Juba throws him a sword, and calls out the name -- "Maximus!". Continuity slip-up or a cut scene? When did Maximus reveal his identity to his fellow gladiators?
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Contributed By: piccadillylily on 06-28-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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matt writes:
I don't know how Juba could have known Maximus's name at that point, but it is easy to explain why the other gladiator did. If he had indeed served under him before, then it is conceivable that he recognized his leader; after all it is very clear in the first scene of the movie that Maximus fought with his troops and that the soldiers knew him well.
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friekatoni writes:
This REALLY needs a lot of clearing up. Commadus had Maximus executed, but Maximus escaped, and returned to his home in Trujillo, in Spain. There he was picked up by a slave trader, who told Proximo that this slave (who we know to be Maximus) was a Spaniard. Since this slave did not reveal his true name to Proximo or anyone at first, the name "Spaniard" made a good - nickname -, in the same way as The Rock, etc. in wrestling. Juba ("the black guy") is Maximus' most trusted friend throughout the film. Does it not stand to reason that Maximus will tell his most trusted friend his real name? The fellow gladiator in the recreation of Carthage; he recognized his former general, simple as that. Remember that not all of the fighters in that battle were Proximo's, before the battle Cassius tells Proximo that they have already rounded up all the thieves and beggars from the prisons. A former soldier may well return from battle and turn to crime. That is how the soldier came to recognize Maximus for the first time. any questions? email em to me.
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Devil Ed writes:
Also remember that all of them were Proximo's slaves. They came to Rome together, lived, ate, fought and died together. Yes, the one who said he "served with" Maximus probably did serve under him in the Legion ... Why didn't he say anything before? Maybe he was a deserter, and didn't want to say anything until embarrassment was the least of his problems.
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tree_worshipper writes:
This really was a continuity foul-up that only just plays OK in the film. If you have the twin-disc DVD, look at the bonus material, and in many of the cut scenes before fighting in Rome, everyone addresses Maximus by his name, instead of 'spaniard'. They evidently changed this in the Film so that the bit where he reveals himself to the emporer would have greater effect. They changed a few other important bits in the film that they should have left, but this one really does leave things hanging a bit.
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Steve Crow writes:
At least one gladiator said they fought under Maximus in Vin di Bona, so others may have also fought under him previously.
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Mr. Masks writes:
I agree. These people lived together and trained together. Obviously, they are going to learn each others names. Just because you didn't actually SEE them tell each other their names doesn't mean that it didn't occur. As far as the Emperor being disgusted with the battle, there are many reasons why he was disgusted without knowing who Maximus was. First off, in those days, most of the people didn't care who won, but when it came to royalty, they wanted the gladiators to lose.. The reason why is because they would often use Roman Soldiers to fight the gladiators. Secondly, his chariots were being destroyed. I don't imagine that would make someone happy. Another thing is that when the crowd is cheering, the emperor is shown mocking the crowd and sticking out his tongue, as someone had already said. But if you think about it for a second, he's really looking down his nose at the gladiators because he thinks they're pathetic. He thinks it's funny that they're trying to win!
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LuBu writes:
A lot of you pointed out good points. One thing I wonder though, if the Battle of Carthage was not the first battle in the coliseum for the gladiators how are we to know that? If you just follow the movie as it was in the theater it is obvious that the Battle of Carthage was the first one for the gladiators in the Coliseum in Rome. Therefore, I think it safe to say that Commodus would not know Maximus was a part of the gladiators due to the helmet Maximus was wearing for the express purpose of hiding his identity from Commodus. As for the other gladiators knowing his name, I think it's been sufficiently explained by others.
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WastedElement writes:
The emperor was acting childish because it was in his character, he was like a child throughout the whole movie. As for the black guy that knew his name, he came with Maximus from the little slave colesium, he and Maximus exchanged names and stuff there (I think it's the same black guy.)
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DarkSaber2k writes:
But if the Emperor knew Maximus was alive, why did he not the gladiators name when he goes down to see him, and why does he look so shocked when he finds out that the Gladiator is Maximus?
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Fuzzy writes:
It is pretty obvious from the context of the battle of Carthage that in the original edit this was not the first coleseum battle Maximus had; in fact, it is one that was meant to occur After his identity was discovered. The evidence is as such: 1) people claimed to have served under him 2) people spoke his real name on more than one occasion 3) people were treating him as a military leader and followed his military instructions 4) (one that is little noted) If the then emperor didnt know who Maximus was, he would have enjoyed the carnage, and not make faces and stuck out his tongue in a childish gesture when Maximus was victorious and the crowd cheared him on. Had this been just a strange gladiator he would have enjoyed the gore much more than he did.
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Alli writes:
I believe that when the emperor died, he told Maximus that HE was the emperor after him and the other guy got mad because he was related to the former emperor and took the title instead of Maximus and made Maximus a slave and made him change his name to 'the spaniard', who became a gladiator. Why do you think that the emperor was so eager to kill him at the end? So, I guess that the other gladiators knew who he was, and that's how they knew his name.
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