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Matrix, The - Hand, Carpet, Other-- Really Nifty
When Neo is in His office sitting at his computer, and the Fed-Ex guy comes
in, look to the bottom left hand corner of the screen, when neo is signing
the paper.. You will see a hand on a green object. I dont know whose hand it
is, but I dont think it was there on purpose, they must not have caught that
Also, When Neo, Trinity, Morphius, Cypher and all the others enter the matrix
for Neo to go see the oracle, and when they come back and Neo has his
"Deja Vu," look at where the cat is standing. It is on a red
carpet. When Apoc or Switch (one of the two, i cant remember) goes down to
see what is wrong, look at the floor again. The carpet is gone, and the
checkered floor is back. I dont know what its supposed to mean, but its
really nifty..
Also, anytime the sunglasses of either Morphius or Agent Smith is being
filmed, look in the reflection. You can sometimes see that the character in
the reflection is not ding what it is supposed to be doing. It is obvious
when Neo and Smith are in the interrogation room. When Neo's mouth has been
"shut" and he stands up and goes to the corner, look in the Agent's
glasses. New is still sitting on the chair in the reflection...
One last thing- When Neo is outside his building, trying to reach the
scaffolding, right before he gives up, around the time were he drops his
phone, when the camera takes a quick shot at the black peice of metal
protrudng out about 2 feet from the wall, the one that Neo hangs on to when
he almost falls, look in the reflection. You can see the outline of the
camera and the camera man. In the first shot it is not quite as clear, but
the second time you can clearly see the camera sitting on the camerman's
Ok, maybe another thing... (ive seen the movie way too many times) I know
somebody's mentioned this, but really look and recognize the extra
characters, you can see them later on in the movie if you watch closely..
(the agent training program and the very end, before he flies off, for
example, many people are repeated)
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Contributed By: Eric V on 06-28-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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TRiNiTY writes:
In regard to the reflection in which Neo is still sitting whilst in the normal shot his mouth has been distorted, perhaps this is simply to reflect reality versus the incorrect visions presented via the Matrix. The Wachowski Brothers payed a lot of attention to reflections, especially with Cypher, who often has red reflections in his glasses to represent greed and his inevitable betrayal. Another sign of the impending betrayal is the shape of the glasses everyone wears. All the Agents have rectangular glasses right? All the Nebuchadnezzar crew have round glasses...except for Cypher, who has rectangular glasses too.
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exodus82 writes:
In regards to the duplicates in the Agent Training Program, if you listen to the audio commentary on the DVD, one of the special effects guys says it was done on purpose. This is because its a training program and Mouse, who designed the program, didn't want to make each individual person so he made dupes of some. Also, it shows how the Matrix is simply a computer program. This was all done on purpose, and they even got twin extras to come on that day of filming. This may also be heard on one of the Making-of documentary's included on the DVD.
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RobNich writes:
Please break your slip-ups into seperate comments. If you have one good one and numerous bad ones, we can't rate them individually, and it messes up the count of slip-ups for this movie.
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Matjon232 writes:
In regards to the floor changing colors. The floor does not change colors. You can see the hallway carpet is red, and the other part of the floor is checkered. When some one goes down to check it out the red of the hallway carpet is still there. Sorry, but you have failed to notice it.
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Aximili writes:
Right on exodus82! For all you nitpickers who insist on the time, jump to 00:56:43 and in just a few moments, you will hear the special effects guy say that the twins were there on purpose.
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snoopy writes:
Hasn't your first slip-up already been mentioned under "hidden hand" near the top of the page.
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ColdFire writes:
In regards to the extras being repeated, this is not a slipup.Its because they have to pay all the extras so they will of course use the same ones instead of casting new extras to save money.
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