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Wizard of Oz, The - Tin Man's Tools
Before they get to the haunted forest the tinman is carrying an axe.
When they are in the forest he is carrying a large wrench.
When they leave the forest he is carrying an axe again.
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The tin man carries a pipe wrench
The tin man carries a pipe wrench
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Contributed By: droodles on 10-03-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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BrittBritt writes:
This has been my very movie since Lord knows when, I can't remember. And I know just about everything there is to know about it. They picked up the weapons at the Emerald City and headed to the Haunted Forest. When they got there, the witch had "sent a little insect on ahead to take the fight out of them" to make the job easier for the flying monkeys. The "insect" was, as stated above, the Jitterbug. It was supposed to be a song and the jitterbug was supposed to make them dance until they were too tired to fight the monkeys. The tools were supposed to be used in that sequence. The scene was cut after a closed preview to some remote little town. It was decided that it took away from the seriousness of the story and that it made the movie too long and that The Jitterbug wasn't a timeless dance. Hope I've helped in some way.
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Evilmeteors writes:
Forget the Tinman's wrench, where'd the Scarecrow get the GUN?
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RonJLow writes:
He is carrying a wrench because they have all armed themselves to approach the wicked witch's castle. Note the scarecrow has a six-gun, the lion has a fumigator (the tank of which some people think looks like a mallet head). The tin man does have a wrench AND his axe. All of the weapons look like they could have been carved out of soap.
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Snowy writes:
I never noticed the wrench or the gun, I was too busy staring at that stupid stork in the background of the trees trying to tell if it was a suicidal little person. They never should have cut the jitterbug thing though, that's just not fair. I'll go through the rest of my life feeling empty.
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RonJLow writes:
<> Look, some things that happen to the characters in films aren't depicted on screen. I mean, did you ever see E.T. or Elliott go to the bathroom? Is it a slip-up that their bladders didn't explode?
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ymfpitw writes:
yes it is true, the tin-man did have a wrench for the jitterbug, BUT, the axe never goes away, all that happens is that he has it next to his side. all of them have weapons at this point and he just has an extra one.
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Incubus writes:
He got it from Emerald city, same place the Cowardly Lion got the fumigator I'd presume.
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Ozma3412 writes:
He's carring a wrench because of the previously cut scene (the jitterbug). That's the weapon he uses to fight it off.
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Ash13 writes:
Who really cares where he got it anyway? It's just a movie. Man!
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Ashley writes:
Then where did the wrench come from. It can't magically appear,can it?
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Handy writes:
I think, when the Wizard asked them for the broomstick from the Witch of the west. They stopped back by the Tin Man's cabin and armed themselves for the unknown. The cabin was on the yellow brick road. Right? Maybe I'm writing a new script, but it makes sense to me. (That's what makes this move a classic.) Comments welcome.
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