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Matrix, The - Shot in the Head
Ok, when Trinity says, "Dodge this" to the agent, look at where on his head she shoots him: the side, right? Thats what it should be, of course, when the agent falls backward he falls onto his back, with a gunshot appearing in his forehead, as if he was shot from the forward view.
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Contributed By: Mr. Smiles on 10-03-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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LilBDude writes:
As stated in the script of The Matrix, "Immediately, he [Agent Smith] whirls around and turns straight into the muzzle of Trinity's .45."
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whv writes:
That would be a great explanation, except that the agent's face originally morphs out of the left side of the pilot's head. Trinity points the gun at the left temple of the agent, which would technically be the back of the pilot's head, not the front. However, this is a moot point because the agent does apparently move to face Trinity just before she shoots him. If you'll notice, during the actual firing of the bullet you see a slow motion shot of the agent falling backwards, facing Trinity as he does so. He then lands on the roof and turns back into the pilot. Whether or not this was a true slip-up or not is debatable. Considering the known speed of the agents' movements, this could have been planned. He could've moved to face her just as the bullet was fired. Although if that is true, why didn't he just move out of the way, or even disable Trinity before he was actually shot? Hmmm......
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defroth writes:
A correction to my previous submission. If you look carefully at the movie and pause at the first frame where the agent falls back (the frame right after "Dodge this"), you'll see the agent facing the gun at the shot. But knowing the Agent's speed wouldn't you think he would rather *move* than turn to face her?
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Jay-C writes:
He turns his head just as Trinity is about to shoot him, but I couldn't even see a bullethole in his forehead.
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Qender writes:
I'm not sure if he turns his head or not, but if he did'nt there is still an explanation. He morphed in from the helicopter pilot sideways, if you watch the helicopter pilot you see the agent morphs in from the side of his face, so the side of the head of the agent would be the forehead of the pilot.
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crao writes:
If you notice, when the agent morphs into the FDA, the agent's face appears in the SIDE OF THE GUY'S HEAD. So basically, what happens, is the Agent is lop-sided in the guy, and is on his side, not front-on. That's the reason why the gun-shot is on the FDA's forehead. I only know this because I am a die-hard loyal Matrix fan.
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Mykross writes:
first, sweet scene! the only thing I can see wrong, is that having been shot in the head, the agent flies backwards with a bend in the middle as though he had taken a battering ram to the gut. A head shot results in one of two things: body crumples straight down, or body falls forward. The forward fall I guess has something to do with the middle ear. But regardless of the shot placement, a body will not "fly" (unless hit by a rocket launcher)
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bLive writes:
THERE IS A SLIP-UP IN THIS SCENE but it isn't necessarily what everybody is discussing. The speed of agents is a plausible enough explanation for how the agent is facing the gun when shot. HOWEVER,the agent approaches Neo from Neo's right. You can see the agents shadow on the right side of Neo's body and Neo looks up and right at the agent. When the agent is shot he is on the left side of Neo's body. It might be said that the agent moved from the right to the left perhaps to dodge the shot but Trinity doesn't move at all (same body posture and position).
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defroth writes:
Looking at this scene carefully: I see the Agent turn his head to sense a gun around his cheek bone. The camera then shows Trinity (at possibly the Agent's view) saying "Dodge this". I would assume that the time Trinity took to say that, the Agent had already turned around to have the gun to his forehead. But I am in doubt as I would think the Agent would rather move his head quickly (as he could with bullets) to avoid the shot than face Trinity.
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Nighthawk85 writes:
Bullet exit wound?
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rwweiss writes:
If you watch carefully 1)close-up: she put the gun tok the side of his head and says "dodge this" 2)far shot: he is facing her as she fires (his whole body not just his head)
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NaughtyBOY writes:
the agent was shot in the forehead, when she said ,"Dodge this..." the agent turned to her, and thats when he was shot
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ultimatefishook writes:
OK. There is a mistake here. But the mistake is in... How did the agent turn his head. She did actually shoot him in the head, but she placed the gun against the side of his head. He moved during the scene change. That's the glitch. On of many that come in computer programs. LOL.
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