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Matrix, The - Where Is Trinity?
When they are on the roof, when Neo says "Trinity help" and the camera spins around him, it appears that Trinity is not over by the door to the roof where she was in the scene before it.
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Special Requirements: DVD movie
Contributed By: on 06-15-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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asylrecht writes:
The bodies missing IS a slip up. If all Neo saw was the bullets and the agent, then why did we see the building or any background scenery? That's cause just because he wasn't focusing on it doesn't mean it isn't there.
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Bezelbub writes:
Uh, dragon, if Trinity was coming, then A) why didn't we see her in the 360 degree turn that the camera did or B) why didn't the Agent see her (she was to Neo's left) and shoot her? My guess is she hid for a few seconds while this was taking place and then, when the shooting stopped, she came out while the Agent was walking up to Neo, only looking at him, and then, voila! There she is to shoot the Agent!
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Foo-Byte writes:
No, the rooftop is real apart from the 360-shot. If you own the DVD, as part of one of the extra features there are shots of the cast and crew milling around on the rooftop.
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SKiRgE writes:
Yeah, and if you notice, all of the dead bodies on the roof are gone, and then return.
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Comrade writes:
As if it wasn't hard enough to do bullet-time? For your information, that entire scene, except for Neo and the agent, is completely 3D generated, yup that building is one big 3D scene... The agent was hard enough to include...
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Sammo writes:
You fool comrade, for that scene they filmed Neo doing his stuff in a green cylinder type room with hundreds of cameras around him. The footage we see of the roof top is the genuine roof top, just filmed seperatly and later superimposed on the green screen. The only mistake is that they forgot to film trinity and the bodies in the seperate filming.
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dragon writes:
When he says "Trinity, help" she's already coming. That's why she's not where she was. :)
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uKER writes:
You fool Sammo: the rooftop IS computer-generated.
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Cheekio writes:
Another easily explained slip-up. Many of the scenes go according to neo's perspective- the phone slowing down when falling is a good example. When he was being shot at, the only thing Neo saw were bullets and that agent firing them. The rest of the world was nothing compared to what his focus was on. The bodies dissapearing is not a slip up- or atleast can be explained. In neo's point of view, who cares about the bodies- he's being shot at! Once again, your all wrong. hehe. -Cheekio
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