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Mission Impossible 2 - Motorcycle to Dirtbike
In M:I-2 when Tom Cruise and the main bad guy are chasing each other on motorcycles, they go onto the beach and suddenly the wheel treds on the motorcyle go from smooth to off road. The treds switch pretty clearly and it's easy to see!
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Contributed By: Zak on 06-13-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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KrYPt0 writes:
Both bikes are Triumphs, the Red one is a Triumph Daytona, and the black one is a Triumph Speed Triple, when the bad guy launches the Speed Triple off the ramp, and Hunt (Cruise) shoots him off, while the bike is in the air, you can clearly see that it has dirt tires (if you slow it down) When Hunt (Tom Cruise) starts to do the rolling burn-out (smoke screen), he has Z rated street tires. you get a couple of close ups of the rear wheel at this point. When Hunt locks the rear wheel to avoid the white truck, you can VERY Clearly tell they are street tires (Probably Dunlop D205) then in the Joust scene the tire is clearly street, until it starts to spin, when it becomes a nobbie dirt tire again. The only tire change on the Red Daytona, is when it's crashed and they are no longer on it, (Street otherwise dirt for entire sequence)
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Clive writes:
I agree with the original comment - camera angles may be changing all of the time but the color of the bike makes it quite clear which bike is which, and the black Triumph clearly gets dirt bike tires on occasions, for instance when Cruise loses the bike and slides it into the rusted wreck, the front tire is clearly visible stationary as an off road tire.
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shortsugar writes:
My boyfriend saw this slip-up when we rented MI2 this past weekend. He pointed it out to me, so we stopped the video and rewound it until we saw it. The tires go from smooth to "bumpy" then smooth and bumpy again.
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yphrumt writes:
I think that Tom Cruise has a street bike with smooth tires and Sean Ambrose has a dirt bike with knobby tires...the constant switching of cameras and angles causes you to lose track of whose bike is whose and you may be led to believe the tires are switching but I think if you watch it closely you will be able to follow it and see that I am right
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