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Halloween - Or Is His Face Just That Pale?
In the scene where Laurie is listening to her teacher talk about fate, she looks out the window and sees the mental-hospital car. If you look closely, Michael is standing behind the car, with his mask on. It is later in the movie when he robs a store and gets his mask, so he couldn't of had it on during the classroom-stalk scene!
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-16-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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shawn writes:
It is not later that Michael robs the store, it is later that the police are there investigating.
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Denpeck writes:
I dont think so because they would have turned off the alarm almost as soon as the police arrived. Not hours later after the girls were out of school
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shawn writes:
Perhaps this was the last period of the day and Laurie got out of school right after she saw Michael.
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chuckie man writes:
Can we realy be sure it was him that robbed the store? After all, there is another scene where the mask is cleary visible. When Lory is walking home after school with her friends, the car drives by and you can see the mask just before Annie yells.
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Denpeck writes:
that is true shawn but still if you count the time it took her to walk home, see michal in her yard and wait for annie and to drive to the store then that seems like a lot of time, I dont know small town small brains who knows
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CloudVII writes:
Plus in the part where Myers grabs the kid at the school you can see the bottom of the chin and when he follows the kid who Laurie watches.
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Sara Jo writes:
Definitely a slipup, and here's why: We know he was wearing the mask when he saw Tommy and the bullies after school because of the breathing. Let's assume the time is roughly 3:00, right after most schools let out. We also know it's not a Sunday, because school is in session. When Annie and Laurie see Annie's dad, the alarm is going off and it's roughly 6:00 (per A and L's phone convo). In order for someone to set off a burglar alarm in a store, the store must be closed and the alarm activated. Now, I ask you this: What hardware store do you know of that closes BEFORE 3:00 on a weekday? Exactly. Man, I LOVE this movie!
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AL(Norm)897 writes:
There's also a good chance that Michael didn't even rob the store
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