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Matrix, The - Rain, Rain, Go Away.
Not too far into the movie, when NEO is in the car with Trinity and the 2 others, he is going to step out. Watch carefully by the window, and you will notice that the rain is falling HEAVILY one shot, not at all the next (or very little), and then very heavily again.
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Contributed By: OZZIE® on 09-30-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Link writes:
I used to live near to the bridge that that scene was shot under. Its near central station in Sydney, and yes the reason that the rain stops and starts is because they drive underneath that tunnel
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Anonymous writes:
Rain can be sporadic you know. It doesn't always rain exactly the same in the entire city. It is very possible to be raining hard one minute and barley at all the next, especially when driving down the road.
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pureLucid writes:
Think about the way roads are structured. The car would have to be at a 4-way intersection when Neo opens the door for him to see a road perpendicular to the car, right? If they happened to be stopped under a bridge, he would have seen a wall.
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ultimatefishook writes:
What you are seeing is the different angles. The next time it rains, sit in your car with the door open and notice how the rain runs off the car. It was raining lightly (or medium) outside the whole time.
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Mr 666 writes:
Or perhaps they took a break between shots? Thats more likely. Not everything has a complicated reason for happening. It's not that important anyway...
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Slurpy The Frog writes:
Fun Science fact No. 2: Bridges repel rain. Therefore, people exiting a vehicle underneathe a bridge may not experience rain, even if it is raining.
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Fuzzy|Logic writes:
In that very scene where Neo is about to get out of the car i noticed something weird. When he shuts the door and the camera pans to Trinity it seems like the whole car bounces one time, and also a shadow is moving outside the back window of the car. Then Trinity tells Apoc to drive. Anyone else seen this? What is it????
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TRiNiTY writes:
No, the programming has absolutely nothing to do with the change in strength of the rain. As Anonymous wrote, rain is sparatic. There's no further explanation needed.
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redsox02 writes:
PureLucid is right, they couldn't be under a bridge because of the whole intersection thing.
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DV8 writes:
They were under the bridge. This is my favorite movie, I have no doubts about that. It's for sure. They were under the bridge.
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Mad-Man writes:
I think they may have been under a bridge when he tried to step out of the car.
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Elite Guard writes:
Isn't the Matrix supposed to be somewhat designed after Chicago?? If you've been to Chicago you'd know that the Windy City's weather changes randomly... although thats probably a good excuse for an accident that the producers could use...
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Septic writes:
Another thing is that rain has to stop somewhere, I remember once that it was over my house, I looked out my front window and it was raining , and out the back it wasn't even wet at all, it happened all on our side of the street, perhaps they just passed over the rain line (or whatever its called).
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SilverSayianGT writes:
They do stop under a bridge, and who's to say it rains the same everywhere in the city?
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Mace writes:
When NEO actually opens the car and all that, he's still inside the The Matrix, and they've also got the deja vue problem, so the rain stuff up is probably a result of them changing something in the programming!!!!
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