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Matrix, The - Hidden Hand
If you watch The Matrix, about 13 minutes and 10 seconds into the movie, while NEO is signing the forms for his FedEx shipment (the phone), you will notice that there is a hand holding something down in the background between NEO and the delivery man. (looks like an answering machine or alarm clock) When the camera turns back to the big picture of 2 of them, you see that there is NO way it could have been the delivery man's hand, OR NEO's.
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Contributed By: OZZIE® on 09-30-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Arram writes:
First off it is only on the VHS version of the movie (they realized that it was there when they put it on DVD) Second it is the directors hand...he was sitting up close when they shot this part of the movie. Believe me I've watched this part of the movie over and over to figure it out.
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Mad-Man writes:
There is clearly a person's hand with a wristwatch on it. It must be a slip-up because after Morpheus calls Neo, we see an overhead view of Neo's cubicle and there are only three stacks of paper there, no alarm clock or anything.
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rodent writes:
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have the DVD version, and there is no hand. Also, I have watched the formated VHS and the DVD side-by-side (my friend has a big screen that can split the screen in half) and the DVD version cuts the top and bottom off the entire movie, not just this hand part.
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Jake writes:
I don't see anything, all I see is the thing the cell was delivered in and that was the delivery guys hand holding it.
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Aquila writes:
OK, for those of you who can't see it maybe this can help... The hand is only present in the camera angle when Neo turns around to sign the papers. When he receives the paper, look under his right elbow. You should see a side-on profile of a left hand covering a black box with a silver stripe. Now several people claim that this has a clearly visible wrist watch. Bear in mind only wide-screen and/or NTSC versions of the movie will reveal the watch as it is far to the left of the screen, though the hand should still be visible on all formats. As far as I know, Warner Bros released several revisions of the movie so it may have been removed in later releases. I have an ex-rental of the first release.
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rwweiss writes:
I've looked at that scene over and over again on DVD and saw no hand. Then today watched it on HBO and there was the hand as plain as day. It looks like the TV formated version vs. the letterbox version not only has been cropped on the sides but has more on top and bottom that is cropped on letterbox.
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Rashaverak writes:
Holy S, it really is there. I bought the wide screen version when it first came out on VHS, and my father bought the regular big square screen version. You won't see the hand on the widescreen version, the editors saw the slip up before they released the letterbox/widescreen version.
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defroth writes:
Yup, there is definitely a hand. And the fact that it was removed on DVD then it was never meant to be there. It is a slip-up. Well spotted.
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foot_corn writes:
What? There isn't even an alarm clock or answering machine in the whole sequence.. is this thing on his desk or something? Are you talking about the FedEx guys scanner? He took it out of his hip holster or something as soon as he handed NEO the package.. and you can see him put it back there, or am I totally missing something here..
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CheerioBoy writes:
The hand is actually able to be seen just under the arm of the delivery person. It's holding down what appears to be a large style digitizer or a large clipboard with a wand/pen attached. Freeze the VCR as NEO is signing for the package.
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The J Man writes:
Nah - watched that scene over and over and I cannot see any unaccounted for hands. Must be my CD is a different 'version' to what you're seeing.
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Brand Eks writes:
O.K. - I just saw the scene in question on both DVD AND VHS... on the DVD it doesn't show it (at least not on mine) but on the VHS the scene is definately shown differently, and the hand with a watch is there... it's near the FedEx guy, but it's not his hand as the hand is stationary and FedEx guy isn't. This is just after FedEx asks "Thomas Anderson?" and Neo says "yeah, that's me". Kinda spooky, actually.
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Sammo writes:
I know who it might be, I reckon it's a microphone boom operator. You know how when you crouch down, but you're still on your feet, and you sometimes need somthing to hold onto in order to maintain your balance? Well, I reckon the boom operator was crouched down and holding onto whatever it is on the desk. Just a theory, feel free to bag it.
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Mace writes:
Ok... that hand belongs to the person that holds a little board called a "clapper" what they do for reference when they edit all the scenes the clap this little thing in front of the camera and when in the actual edit suites they use they information on the clapper board to find the right shots etc.!!!
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Deaner writes:
I put up an egg about this at because this is one of the mixing boxes that several other eggs refer to (the 303 & 101). If you dont believe this it could also be the arm of the costume designer (Kym) whose name also appears in the elevator on the way to the Oracle.
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Zef writes:
Mabey it's a agent, they get everywhere!!!!! (this comment ain't meant to be serious!!!)
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Dark Smurf writes:
All I can see is the FedEx guy's barcode scanner. I have DVD, maybe the format is different for VHS.
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Said writes:
I see! This is fun!
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ultimatefishook writes:
Well it's not on the DVD, as many others have already stated. That's all I can say.
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BrainFreeze writes:
Full explanation: FedEx guy says "Mr.Anderson?" Reeves:"Yeah?" Camera angle is now on Keanu Reeves shot from under FedEx's arm while Keanu signs the clipboard. At that moment,behind both of them on the left, for a full 3 seconds is an arm wearing a watch, holding down a box the size of a video box. Camera angle changes. Now that doesn't take "Bullet-Time" speed to see either. It was my 5th viewing, but I saw it, no slo-mo or anything. Plus the mistake is on DVD too, and unless the US unfairly changes every DVD to miss out on stuff in other regions, it's on ALL DVDs. PS: Oh J-man...did you say your Matrix ***CD?*** You wouldn't have a **** copy by any chance??
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TRiNiTY writes:
Deaner, just a comment about the name Kym written on the elevator, I also left a message on about this. The name wasn't written there intentionally to refer to the costume designer. It was there simply by coincidence. How do I know? Because I know the person who wrote it there. Someone in no way affiliated with the movie. Perhaps it was left their intentionally in the movie, but it certainly wasn't placed there intentionally. Also in agreement with the majority of comments here, the hand appears on the video copy of the movie only, not on the DVD copy at all. So that tends to stuff up Brainfreeze's little theory of The J Mans "pirate copy".
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Gandolf2k1 writes:
No, you don't know the person who wrote it there. That isn't a real elevator, it was a fake one they used for the movie.
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BrainFreeze writes:
PS:The arm is bare, one wristwatch. Keanu's arm is in a shirtsleeve, the FedEx guy is wearing blue sleeves. Not their arms.
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