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Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope - Everything Old Is New Again
When the rebel pilots have all boarded their ships and are just about to take off for the Death Star, watch their helmets. They all put on brand-spankin' new helmets, all of them white with a blue stripe, a blue rebel insignia on either side, and smoke-gray visors. Now look at them when they're out in space. Each pilot's helmet has a different design, they're all battle-scarred, and they all have orange/yellow visors!
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Contributed By: Shadowkat on 05-30-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Shadowkat writes:
I finally have some resolution on this issue (I think). According to a trivia section on another site, the red stripes on the A-Wings were originally supposed to be blue, but the color had to be changed when it caused all kinds of problems shooting against a blue screen. So it's reasonable to assume that the blue stripes on the helmets (shot against a blue-screen star field from within the cockpits) would have had the same effect. Hence the battle-scarred, no-blue-allowed helmets we see in space. Thank you and good night.
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Jenelle writes:
Don't listen to them... I agree with you, Shadowkat. Good catch. :-)
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dj_mcfresh writes:
Maybe its those damn dirty apes fault, they sabotaged it again! This plus destroying the earth. Someone needs to stop the insanity!
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ROBBY writes:
When the rebel's are getting in their ships, practicly all the pilots have those helmets that you said. Fine, but you never see the those same pilots again, so they can be still fighting in the battle, and the camera doesn't show their faces again. And also at the begining of the battle when they are saying their call signs some haven't been said, and even when they did say their call signs the camera didn't show their faces like RED 11.
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hurricanes9 writes:
Once I saw an interview with George Lucas (or read in the Insider, I forget which) and the real reason that the visors change color is that when they were filming in the cockpits, the actors would sweat. The visors were changed to orange to make the sweat less visible.
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The Bearded Poncho writes:
But the big thing is, are you talking about the new digitally re-mastered version? or the old original??
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Brandon Amaro writes:
The visors never change color. It was the lighting that made them appear to change color.
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