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Pokemon - Level Messups
1. Figure out that squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur does not get Hydro pump, Flamethrower, or solarbeam, and realize that they don't get these moves until they evolve.
You could say that it's the TV show, so argue with me on the comments please.
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
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Special Requirements: a knowledge of the video game, and the TV show.
Contributed By: lugiapm on 09-26-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Mophead writes:
Though if you press the B button when they evolve they still learn all the moves, and they learn them faster than their evolved chums.
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garbage writes:
Pikachu slipped up. He must not know much about the game or pokemon for that matter. Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur CAN get those moves. In the game if you hit the B button during evolution, it will stop. Pokemon learn moves quicker but are less powerful. Pikachu should know what he is talking about before he starts putting up slip-ups.
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Kidvid01 writes:
Pikachu why don't you get the Pokemon strategy guide? Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle can all learn the moves they can learn as Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise and they learn them quicker than in their evolved stages.
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Mars Guo writes:
YES, of course bulbasaur, charmander and squirtle can learn those attacks before evolution. In fact, they learn them more easily before they evolve! I suggest you all stop wasting your time on this subject, hand Pikachu a pokedex and go to some other part of the site. You heard me, move along now, nothing to see here.
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Ash Ketchum writes:
Well, like mentioned before, you can cancel evolution. Bulbasaur isn't gonna evolve, so drop the solar beam stuff. As for pikachu, pikachu is one heck of a special pokemon. Hisattacks are pretty special. I can get my Pika up to lvl. 100, and it wont evolve. You need thunderstone, and Ash offered thunderstone to pika once and he refused, so frop the pika stuff. As for Squirtle, it's the same thing for bulbasaur, except he never tried to evolve yet. So what? Give in to the magic of Pokemon. If stuff like this wasnt allowed, then maybe Sabrina (The gym leader, the adult one not the doll) should be called "Sabrina the puppeteer!" or Those lumps that appear when someone gets hit shouldent be that big. Shut up and enjoy Pokemon.
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PJPoon writes:
Squirtle does use Hydro Pump in some of the Orange Island shows. He never evolves, though. Ash gives Squirtle away.
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@ssKicker writes:
Think about it- Bulbasaur cancelled his evolution, Charmander was previously owned by Damien, who could have cancelled his evolution, and the Squirtle Squad was a gang made of squirtles that had been abandoned by their trainers, who could have cancelled their evolution too! They could still have learnt these attacks.
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Evolute writes:
So what? A Japanese episode, you say? Well maybe he did try to evolve in the Japanese series, because they are so much further then US and Canada.
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Vincer writes:
Most of the time the show is verry different from the game, especially the Ameracan version. Lots of the towns names don't match and lots of the poikemon have all attacks when someone first catches them,like the other guy said,just enoy the cartoon!
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RJC writes:
You are wrong. The pokemon who are first evolvants do learn all the same moves as the last evolvants, but even when they are the same level, their moves are stronger than when they learn their moves after evolving. Thanks for trying to make sense of my first message.
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lugiapm writes:
Umm... didn't you just prove yourself wrong in your sentence? If you would read my explanation, bulbasaur couldn't gain something like 30 levels in like, umm... one minute or so. Squirtle was just a example. Dont worry, there are only about 10-20 more new episodes until squirtle uses hydro pump, and charmander used flamethrower before he ever evolved. Jeez, it looks like neither of you have any common sense...
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pikachu-007 writes:
Bulbasaur was in several battles. His bulb couldnt grow because that "moon" evolution season diddn't begin. in the series, bulbasaur can only evolve when they are in the magical garden at the right time. bulbasaur's level was high enough to use solarbeam, bud never was near the garden until he had to use it. I know, I know, I'm picky, but so what?
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Skeptic writes:
Has anyone considered that maybe the momentous sight of all those Ivysaur being suspended in mid-air was so emotional, and that Team Rocket called Bulbasaur pathetic be emotionally moving enough to will Bulbasaur to blast Team Rocket with a solar beam?
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MasterSkull writes:
Thanks Mars Guo! You got it wrapped up well! (We run into each all over this site, don't we?)
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T-zone writes:
Well what else do you expect from him?! Ash never does anything right! But, he does store Pokémon. Not in a PC, though. He transfers them to Oak. That should clear everything up! =)
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@ssKicker writes:
Sorry, Din, but as I live in Scotland, and those episodes haven't aired here yet, I have no idea what the hell Chicken Ryvita, Dile-a-Pizza, Herring-cross, and what-sit are. Can someone explain?
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lugiapm writes:
Yeah, but bulbasoar uses solar beam minutes after he attempts to evolve, charmander uses Flamethrower before he evolves, and on a japanese episode, squirtle uses hydro pump, and he never tried to evolve.
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@ssKicker writes:
Mars, if you didn't want to argue mindlessly over insane subjects... why did you register?
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Gungan Din writes:
He does! What a loser! He also gives Charizard and Lapras away! For what? A Chikorita, Cydaquil, Totodile and a Heracross! Hasn't he heard of saving Pokemon in a PC like everybody else? Dumb Ash.....
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Mars Guo writes:
Chikorita -- Grass Type Pokemon, looks like the tackiest thing to terrorize the world since Richard Simmons. Totodile -- Cute lil' Crocodile Pokemon that's so cute till it BITES YOUR BLINKIN' HEAD OFF. Water type. Cyndaquil -- Stupid-lookin' fire Pokemon, resembles a weasle. Irritate it and flames explode from its back like hedgehog spines. Fire type. Heracross -- Ugly Pinsir ripoff. Bug type.
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MissingNO writes:
This actually is normal--it happens in Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Silver versions and Pokémon Stadium.
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@ssKicker writes:
I have seen the light! Cydaquil is a feather pen dipped in an alcoholic apple drink!
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