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Terminator 2: Judgement Day - ATM Card -or- Security Clearance Card?
When John Connor is getting the second key to the door where the arm and brain chip of the first terminator you notice something odd. When John uses his card to get into the safe holding the key, you remember he used the same card earlier to withdraw money using a stolen ATM card from an ATM machine. How could John use the ATM card to open the safe that holds the key? Some nice ATM cards they're offering now-a-days.
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Special Requirements: Good memory, copy of the movie and a VCR
Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-26-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
It works like this: he was fooling around, because he read the screen that said 'insert your credit card now', so he repeated the words that was on the screen and improvised for the sake of humor. He then inserted the Code Breaker's card. Please look at the film closely. Now repeat after me ScavEngeR, IT IS NOT AN ATM CARD. IT IS A LAPTOP-LIKE COMPUTER WITH DIGITS!!! IT IS NOT A CARD. Just because the code-breaker had an insertable card (WITH OBVIOUS WIRES HANGING OUT OF THE BACK), does not mean it is an ATM card! The code breaker simulates an ATM card for the sake of stealing money (because it fools the ATM, and finds the appropriate pin number). How hard is this to understand for some people? This laptop-like machine has also been designed to enter various security systems, and so on.
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ScavEngeR writes:
Well, John Connor actually says the phrase "Insert you stolen card now" when he and his friend are about to steal cash from the ATM...How does that work?
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Shadow writes:
For sake of reference, look at the tv show Prison Break, he did the same thing, a card can change it's purpose by their digital numbers. It can be a credit card, a security card, debit card, ATM card, etc. just by the numbers it holds
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
As fox said, it is a digital code breaker, and can be used to break into many things. That small laptop thing with digits and code possibilties didnt look much like an ATM card to me! Pretty big for a card! DUH! In that case, Im going to open a new bank account, I want a laptop.
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MIKE writes:
I own this movie and its a laptop with a "card" connected to it with wires. Think of it as one of those special tapes that have a wire connected to them from a portable cd player,except its a laptop connected to a special card.
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Guybrush writes:
First, the "laptop" John is using is an incredibly old Atari Portfolio... I used to have one, about 8 - 9 years ago... Second, the card "thingy" is absolutely unrealistic. Cash machines card uses magnetic strip, and I don't see a way of finding out a PIN code just by trying out all possible combinations... Ever tried using a wrong PIN more than three times? The machine keeps (and, very often, destroys) the card. Third, old electronic key used to be similar to those cards, with a similar magnetic strip... But the encoding, and the communication system used it's very different... And I doubt that that little Atari could do that... Actually, I'm convinced that it's simply impossible. Cheers :)
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Assassin8 writes:
There is a machine sent from the future to protect john....a guy made of "liquid metal" lets not forget killing machines being developed by Dyson) and you guys are arguing over whether or not the code breaker thing is realistic? This movie is all about technology. Its like watching the matrix and saying "no one could jump that far!".
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shaneno1 writes:
The Portfolio appears in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, where it is used by the young John Connor to bypass security on an ATM with a ribbon cable connecting the Portfolio's parallel interface to a magstripe card. This setup also appears a second time in the movie, when John uses it in the Cyberdyne Systems lab to retrieve the key to the vault containing the arm and CPU of the first Terminator.
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Fox writes:
Its not and ATM card its a code breaker card and it can acess that Duh!
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ScavEngeR writes:
Well, he might as well have stolen an ATM card and plugged that laptop thingy onto it...
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