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Matrix, The - Morpheus Is Dead
1:29:15 minutes. There is a huge air bubble in the serum.
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Contributed By: smith on 05-23-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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DrXray writes:
Posted on 7/29/01...OK, 1st off, let's realize it's a movie, for entertainment purposes only. It's great that we notice all these slip ups, but let's be a little realistic. If you're not in the medical profession, don't even try to argue with me on this: air bubbles into a vein, if that is what we're seeing in the movie, would not kill any person, unless it was greater than 150ccs of air. That is much more than ever happens from any iv, injection, etc. If that does ever occur, the patient dies from an air embolus (look on any medical site for the non doctors out there). Next, if Morpheus is being injected into the subcutaneous tissue of his neck, air would not kill him. It would only result in a more painful injection. The serum would absorbed into his vasculature from the surrounding tissues. Hope this helps somewhat, but who knows. This is my first comment on this site. Take care.
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LFI writes:
Considering I was once an intravenous drug user, I know that an air bubble in the vein will NOT kill you, or I would have been dead long ago. I read earlier on this post that you would need 150 CC's of air to kill someone, but thats seems way to high. Does anyone know the real amount (which I know is probably subject to height, weight, etc...) Does anyone know what other damage air bubbles do when they're injected, if any? I just thought I'd clear up the air bubble=death myth, considering how many people I've seen shoot up air bubbles.
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Green Monkey Disease writes:
Tiny air bubbles injected into the blood stream will not kill you. I know this because I've seen air go from and IV line right into my vein. I'm still here.
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Gadget writes:
Actually if you notice the agent does not inject all of the serum into his neck thus because the liquid is heavier than the air the air is at the top and never really injected.
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GalFisk writes:
Silly Cheekio... There is no such thing as 'messed up other liquid made with molecular precision'. Remember, we're talking about real life here (actors in front of a camera), not the Matrix, so what you see is an air bubble. I guess the agent got rid of it like fmc said, or they just didn't notice, then this is a slip-up. Was the bubble still there when Morpheus got the shot?
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TRiNiTY writes:
I've said it before and I've said it again. Although Morpheus says himself "The body cannot live without the mind", he also said "The mind makes it real". This implies that the mind can also realise the truth, and can therefore reduce or eliminate any effects of the Matrix's occurrences on the mind or the body. This is demonstrated in the very same scene in question, where Morpheus's mind is virtually impossible to "break", even with the use of the serum, and when his leg is shot a little later on, only to be healed in the next scene. Many claimed this to be a slip-up, but it's more likely that it's just a continuation of the theme of the immense mental strength of Morpheus' mind.
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Peter writes:
Copurfield, If he dosn't put it in a vein then how the hell is the serum supposed to work anyway? and don't start b**ching about how it didn't actually work.
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Scott Searcy writes:
Does anybody really care?!?
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Mr. Beef writes:
What the he** are you talking about? I got no clue.
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kahn13 writes:
I think that this should be explained a tidy bit better... I have no idea the exact scene that he is talking about, but if it is the part when Morpheus gets a shot in the neck from the agents...and there is a bubble....he would be dead. The bubble would totally screw up his blood stream and kill him near instantly...but then you have to think about that fact that it isnt really morpheus blood...or his body for that matter, and that it shouldnt matter if there is a bubble in there or not, since its not real
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Cheekio writes:
Silly people. It's not an air bubble, but actually another liquid that is lighter than the serum and light enough to bubble, but does not mix with the rest of the serum. It's like oil on water. And, because this is the matrix, it is a very messed up other liquid that the bubble consists of, which could only be made with molecular precision. hehe, you're all wrong again. That's all -Cheekio
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dj_heffalump writes:
You tell 'em, asylrecht!!!
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Mad-Man writes:
I haven't watched the movie since reading this slipup but.. The air bubble certainly would have killed him because "if you're killed in The Matrix, you die here." Same as if you get shot, run over, or fall off a building.
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asylrecht writes:
ok so there was a freaking air bubble. good point, morpheus is dead. there was no other liquid with the serum or any mind over matter sh*t, there was just an air bubble. the reason it is there is because the agents are NOT doctors and they wouldn't have just routinely gotten rid of the bubble. tough crap. its a movie.
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Copurfield writes:
He wouldn't have died, because you don't see the agent sticking the needle into a vein. If that were the case then we would all be dead for breathing oxygen. If it was stuck into the side of the neck, the buble would be stuck in muscle. Think about it before you post another tremendous slip-up...thanks
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JT Man writes:
How very specific!
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fmc writes:
even if there was a bubble in the needle the agent would have gotten rid of it like any doctor would have
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