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Gladiator - Dead Man Alive?
In the end of the movie, there is a close-up shot of Maximus’s head. By that time, he is supposed to be dead, but you can see his blood vessel on right side of his neck is still pumping. I know nobody can stop his/her blood from circulating. But they spend 2 million dollars to finish Oliver Reed (Proximo)’s last shot. It wouldn’t cost them too much to digitally fix this little shot.
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Contributed By: ymeng2000 on 05-23-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Mr. Masks writes:
while it is true that this is a VERY minor detail, you have to realize that this is something that can't really be helped. Some flaws in movies are stupid, yes, and should be fixed. But what you have to realize is that this is a MOVIE and Russel Crowe is a PERFORMER. I think we sometimes forget that movies aren't real, though they may seem that way, and that sometimes you can be TOO nit-picky. And honestly, if you're still picking out little minor details like that during this specific part of the film, then you've missed the whole point of the movie and you're robbing yourself of the emotional impact of his performance. (No offense intended there.) There are just some flaws that can't be fixed.
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Miranda writes:
They could have at least used a freeze frame for him.
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friekatoni writes:
Actually, he died because of the stab wound to his side, essentially due to loss of blood. Under those sorts of conditions the heart doesn't actually stop beating for anything between 30 seconds and 3 minutes after death.
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*~*Megan*~* writes:
You know, it is possible that they meant the brain died before the heart. The heart can still beat even after the brain is dead.
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DarkSaber2k writes:
What a nit-picker! Apart from the fact that most people wouldn't notice, bodies have been known to twitch when they are dead aren't they? It stands to reason that he has just dies, so the blood hasn't stopped flowing yet.
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Hack Ace writes:
Could it be a involuntary reflex? : )
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Samhain writes:
Let me tell you, I have an uncle who used to work at a Funeral Home. You probably wouldn't belive the stories I've heard about things that bodies do after they're dead... But he told me that sometimes after a person has been dead for a while, their eye lids and mouth pop open... And Their bowels let go and such. Kind of gross. But the heart doesn't stop beating for up to 3 minutes after death. In those three minutes, now-a-days, I preson could be brought back to life...well you know what I mean!
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Particlehead writes:
isn't this a site basically dedicated to nit-picking? Also, though his blood may still be flowing somewhat, it wouldn't be pulsing, since the heart would no longer be beating...
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jwoo writes:
True, the blood would stop flowing because the heart would stop beating. No heart keeps beating after someone dies. I think you get confused with the nerves, which can still be active after death. Like people blinking or moving even dead. But I agree, it's a really small minor slip up, and I'm sure all watchers understand.
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