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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Repeating Scenery
In first contact, the primitive 21st century colony of the Malcorian race looks exactly like Starbase Scylla 515. I wonder if the Starfleet gave them the schematics, ahead of contact
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Special Requirements: Episode First Contact and samaritan snare
Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-23-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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necirgrad writes:
It IS a budget, especially in the early TNG episodes. Paramount was turning out 2/3rd's of a special effects laden episode with 2 hour movie quality special effects on a television budget. EVERYTHING gets reused. Shuttlecraft models have something removed, and something added. The name changes, and you have a new shuttlecraft class. Sets are modified again and again. A lot of the models used for the Wolf 359 battle has already appeared in several other episodes. This money saving tactic was created during TOS out of necessity, but continues to add more special effects than would normally be possible.
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morgan writes:
It was budget. It is sort of a star trek tradition to re-use stuff. When you see a ship it is the re-dress of the model of another one, same with the bridges, hall ways, shuttles, and many other things, somtimes a starbase just gets it's name changed, and sometimed gets flipped up side down
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@ssKicker writes:
The reason why, in the original series, they were so cheap-skate was because they had a very low budget and no television company would buy the show.
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TC writes:
These kinds of re uses are sometimes budget induced and sometimes homage. Look closely ate the President of the Federations office in Start Trek 6 the Undiscovered Country. Think it looks like a redressed Ten Forward with a cityscape instead of a starscape?
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Brandon Amaro writes:
I noticed that too. Also there are similar mistakes through out the entire series.
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necirgrad writes:
It's called a budget. Even on the Enterprise E you could probably find at least 1 part from TOS
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Jonas Quimby writes:
just to tell you, in TNG, the top lights of the transporters are the bottoms for the TOS transporters ( or vice versa, i don't remember ) i know a few others if anyone wants more
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Ed Duddy writes:
Jonas, that's not a budget thing ! That's was done as a sort of tribute to TOS... I can assure you, they are not THAT cheap
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